It’s always interesting to see celebs that are turned on by the thoughts of crypto, and today, La La Anthony – a musician and live music host – is promoting bitcoin, claiming that it’s one of the top assets of the future.

La La Anthony Loves BTC

At first, Anthony admits that she was skeptical of the digital currency, as she had heard from several individuals and sources that it was a terrible fraud and a scam. She comments:

When I first heard about bitcoin, I didn’t understand why the rappers and athletes were getting involved. People were programmed to think it’s a scam and a fraud.

However, eventually a friend convinced her to get involved, and she hasn’t looked back since. She has now learned to take more risks in her investment strategies and is convinced that crypto should be a solid part of every diversified portfolio. She mentions:

I’d always played it safe with the Googles and the Apples, but I work hard for my money, and I wanted to take a little more risk, so I took some of my change to bitcoin instead of making the traditional safe investments.

For the most part, Anthony is a relatively new investor in the world of bitcoin, having only gotten involved around six months ago. At that time, bitcoin was trading for just over $10,000, which means that if she purchased a few bitcoins back then, she’s probably raking in a profit of several hundred thousand dollars by now depending on the circumstances. She says:

I was infatuated with watching it go up and down, and so many companies buying into it, and people like Elon Musk tweeting about it. For me, it was more about what those guys said, not the celebrities. The world was financially changing, and it was an incredible thing to watch.

In the long run, she’s convinced that bitcoin will become a mainstream and legitimate currency and that the world will ultimately use it in lieu of fiat currencies and credit cards. She also believes that BTC is a safer bet than gold, given that it boasts a “bigger upside.” She explains:

It will take the place of the traditional dollar, and it’s the new gold, but better because its price will go to a place that’s unimaginable.

Still Playing It Safe

Still, though she acknowledges that bitcoin is highly volatile, and while she’s willing to take a few risks here and there, she’s not going to throw everything she owns into the crypto pot. She says:

I’ve invested two to three percent of my net worth in crypto. That could change if my confidence grows, but I’m not going to risk having my house and car taken away from me. I’m not putting in every coin I ever earned. I don’t go into anything blindly.

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