Presidential race in the United States goes, in fact, to the finish line – internal battle of the eccentric Donald Trump and furious Hillary Clinton already is inevitable, and only one will win. Any little thing can decide the outcome of the confrontation and the chair of the White House, and reputational blows to the opponent should not be perceived as something supernatural. Its logical for candidates to protect their name from any questionable history.

Atlantic City, a small town in New Jersey, in these days is written the last chapter for the history of Trump Taj Mahal Casino. From the 5th of September it officially ceases to operate. Founded in the first half of 1990, by the future presidential candidate, this gaming house survived its ups and downs, Trump Casino has seen live hundreds of big-name players from around the world, but in the age of computer technology and online casinos has lost its place in the market. Actions of media magnate led to the bankruptcy (by court order), but then Trump managed to restart the project. There was a sale to billionaire Carl Icahn, who in gratitude left the name of this casino founder, but his failed to save the gambling business anyway. 100 million in losses over the past year and a half – it is a complete failure.

In addition to all, frequent personnel strike demanding the return of a full benefits package, similar to that operated in the era of Trump. As a result, the new owner decided to close the project. Presumably, Donald Trump has to be satisfied with this turn of events: the rate is too high, and something inevitably have to sacrifice for the sake of big ambitions. A chance to steer the largest economy in the world is something that you won’t be able to catch every day.

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