It is evident that in the present world, financial institutions particularly banks, only rely on the small percentage of money given by their clients. This implies that a bank cannot comfortably pay a large number of clients in the event they all come at once to withdraw their cash.

Before the emergence of central banks, banks would go out to look for money from other sources or would have no choice but file for insolvency. However, most governments decided to offer central banks great support to help stabilize their operations. Today, numerous banks have continuously received loans from their governments to help run their operations.

This however is not the case with bitcoin. It is a fact that the coin appeals to its fans whose inclinations are open-minded. The group of enthusiasts believes that getting rid of banks that are bankrupt is like theft on the highway.With no central bank or government regulating currencies, it can be so hazardous to have a fraction reserve. The many failed banks, both in the past and recent surely demonstrate this. The shocking collapse of Mt. Gox is one such example.

Bitcoin users, for a long time rode on the fallacy that they were only exchanging their own bitcoins. This was before it was obvious that bitcoin was in debt. It’s only much later that they realized they had been trading on Goxcoins. It was also revealed that tens of thousands of clients’ coins had been lost through the exchange, for reasons unknown to anyone since then to date.

The bitcoin world was seriously interfered with by the great fall of Mt. Gox. The general security of the digital currency as well as user’s self-assurance was seriously shaken. This was certainly mirrored by the level of pricing and there’s no doubt that the lost coin’s ultimate loss is lesser than the psychological cost.

A rising demand later surfaced for Bitcoin exchanges to preserve a ratio of up to 100%. A cryptographic confirmation was then set up as a result, for the exchanges to confirm that they easily and conveniently take care of Bitcoin version. The fractional reserve system is so crucial since it has a great impact on the overall financial system. This is because it makes it possible for banks to give out money to the people in need of credit, as long as those borrowing are in agreement with the bank that it pays back the money owed to them with good interest.

This however is not the case when it comes to the world of Bitcoin. The exchanges, which are just like those of the banks-because they are both obliged to securely keep their clients’ resources, have to safeguard even the last coin to avoid huge debts. This however is very limiting since it becomes impossible for those dealing with the coins to fully meet the huge demand of bitcoin traders in the market.
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