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LBank Exchange Will List Swash (SWASH) on February 23, 2022


INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Feb. 22, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list Swash (SWASH) on February 23, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the SWASH/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 18:00 (UTC+8) on February 23, 2022.

The world today is governed by data, a transparent, secure, and collaborative ecosystem for data that incentivises everyone is urgently needed. Reimagining data ownership, Swash’s decentralized data ecosystem redefines how data is collected and valued by providing a simple way to passively earn, innovate, and create for a fairer world and better, more equitable internet. Its native token SWASH will be listed on LBank Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on February 23, 2022, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing Swash

Swash is an environment and toolset where individuals, businesses, and developers can unlock new incentivisation mechanisms. It aims to rebalance the data economy in a user-centred, privacy-preserving way. It helps people take ownership over their data and to receive income from the profits it generates, developers to innovate a new generation of data solutions, and businesses to access high-quality data without intermediaries. The Swash ecosystem is built on the premise that, by recognising and incentivising all actors, it can rebalance value and redefine standards to create a better, more sustainable data economy.

The first wave solutions that Swash ecosystem provides include Data Union, sIntelligence, sApps, and sCompute. As the world’s first and largest Data Union, Swash enables individuals to practice their data rights while celebrating their role as essential value providers in the ecosystem. And Swash’s sIntelligence solution provides unique, unrivalled business intelligence insights through a web-based platform to companies. Furthermore, developers who want to be a part of the next generation of data solutions can join the Swash ecosystem by building Swash applications (sApps). Last but not least, sCompute provides a way for data scientists to perform computations on Swash data without needing to purchase it by paying only for the computation and to access the results.

Swash has a skilled and diverse team with extensive experience in software development, cybersecurity, and blockchain. It is continuously improving software and services at all levels of the ecosystem, as well as being focused on boosting awareness of Swash through business development and marketing efforts, helping to shape the understanding of not only Swash but the larger data economy and the pressing need for change at scale.

About SWASH Token

SWASH is the native token of the Swash universe which powers a world of data. The incentive system rewards ecosystem actors with SWASH in return for their participation. And all data transactions across all marketplaces, platforms, and applications will be distributed in SWASH. This will also be integrated with Swash’s constellation of partners and their native currencies, allowing for cross-fertilisation of value, increased adoption, and seamless user experience. In addition, SWASH holders can vote for projects they wish to see receive funding from the Swash DAO fund, decide on new road map developments, and take part in token-related decisions.

The total supply of SWASH is 1 billion (i.e. 1,000,000,000), 9% of it is provided for pre-seed round, 3% is provided for seed round, 5% is provided for strategic round, another 5% is provided for pre-sale round, and another 5% is provided for public sale. 14% of it will be used for ecosystem and DAO growth, another 14% is provided for community and platform rewards, 15% is allocated to the foundation, another 15% is allocated to founders, 5% is provided for liquidity, and the rest 10% is allocated to team and advisors.

The SWASH token will be listed on LBank Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on February 23, 2022, investors who are interested in Swash investment can easily buy and sell SWASH on LBank Exchange by then. The listing of SWASH on LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market.

Learn More about SWASH Token:

Official Website: https://swashapp.io/
Telegram: http://t.me/swashapp_group
Twitter: http://twitter.com/swashapp

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