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LBank Weekly Listing Report, 13th December, 2021


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As a world class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week’s exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.

New Listings on LBank Exchange

Scheduled this week starting on 13rd Dec.

For a more complete list please follow our twitter @LBank_Exchange

Project: LOVELY
Listing date: 13th Dec.
Key words: MEME, listed on Pancakeswap, Hotbit, bitmart, cointiger, ERC20
Official Website: https://lovely.finance/
$LOVELY Coin was born June 15th 2021. Decentralized meme project with a purpose $LOVELY is a Utility Token. Within the first 30 Days $LOVELY Launched Decentralized Swap and Initial Liquidity Offering Platform then $LOVELY Coin Price grew from 0.000000007$ to 0.0000008$+.


Project: MNG
Listing date: 13th Dec.
Key words: meme, NFT, listed on pancakeswap, hotbit, zt, decoin, BSC
Official Website: https://moonnation.org
$MNG is a rock-solid utility token used as a gateway to enter the world of space adventure Moon Nation game. Moon Nation is a 3d space-based role-playing game being built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). $MNG burns on every transaction and it provides constant reflection.


Listing date: 13th Dec.
Key words: listed on pancakeswap, BSC
Official Website: https://cryptogramplatform.com/
For the first time ever in the crypto space, token holders receive 60% of the total profits from Cryptogram, and from all future products released under the Cryptogram brand. The amount each holder receives is proportional to their holdings and allocated quarterly for as long as they hold the token.


Project: HEC
Listing date: 13th Dec.
Key words: Fantom Ecosystem, listed on hotbit, SpookySwap, CET, FTM
Official Website: https://hectordao.com/
Hector is a decentralized protocol based on the HEC token — collateralized and backed by the Hector DAO. HEC will be the reserve currency of Fantom. In order to maintain price stability, Hector uses the Algorithmic Currency Protocol and is also supported by other decentralized assets. Hector is developing an ecosystem which will consist of various innovative developments and applications that will set it aside from its competitors. Hector is community owned; HEC holders decide on Hector’s future via on-chain voting.

Project: SCLP
Listing date: 14th Dec.
Key words: DEFI Payments Mobile, listed on Kucoin, MEXC, Gate.io , PCS, BSC
Official Website: https://scallopx.com/
The Scallop token, SCLP, is a BEP token and is the primary token in the operation of the Scallop ecosystem. It has several native use cases such as receiving trading bonus payments, staking, payment of transaction and exchange fees, etc.

Project: QUACK
Listing date: 15th Dec.
Key words: bsc, listed on Gate, bitmart,  digifinex, pancakeswap, zt, BSC
Official Website: https://www.richquack.com/
Rich Quack is another hyper-deflationary Binance Smart Chain (BSC) meme token that aims to pay out rewards to holders by “frictionless yield generation”. Holders do not need to stake or wait for fees to be delivered. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and are immediately reflected in the holder’s balance.

Project: DFC
Listing date: 15th Dec.
Key words: Main Net
Official Website: https://www.dfc.cash/
DFC Public Chain is a new generation of blockchain protocol that combines the entire network of specially constructed blockchains, allowing them to work together seamlessly on a scale. Furthermore, DFC Public Chain enables any data to be sent between any blockchain. DFC Public Chain allows multiple transactions to be processed in parallel.

Project: TMDS
Listing date: 15th Dec.
Key words: listed on Hotbit, BSC
Official Website: https://www.tremendouscoin.com/
Tremendous Coin (TMDS) is the world’s fastest developed platform providing decentralized services, staking and the fastest-growing system. Tremendous Coin will provide the users safest and secure ecosystem. Tremendous Coin gives the user-customized earnings opportunities and personalized financial solutions so that users will earn according to their interests and preferences…………

Project: SFC
Listing date: 15th Dec.
Key words: listed on pancakeswap, BSC
Official Website: https://solarfullcycle.io/
Solar Full Cycle (SFC) is a tokenized utility platform for investors and the industry, dedicated to establishing the recycling of panel waste in the solar industry. While the number of solar panels currently being installed is a welcome move in the battle against global warming and climate change, the solar trend shall also see solar panel waste being generated that will pose one of the largest predictable environmental disasters.

Listing date: 15th Dec.
Key words: gamefi, Defi, listed on Uniswap, 0x protocol, ERC20
Official Website: https://impactxp.io/
We are a community-driven platform that aims at empowering the rise of the Impactor, an individual who seeks to drive positive change in their world. Whether your passions are in Finance, the Environment or your local Community, Impactors are empowered to leave their mark.

Project: SHIELD
Listing date: 16th Dec.
Key words: listed on Hotbit, Bithumb, Cointiger, ERC20 & BEP20
Official Website: https://www.cryptoshield.co/
Crypto Shield Token is a deflationary Token created by a team of experts (dev, trader, marketer, economist) and cryptocurrency specialists that aims to literally change the world. It was made to revolutionize the financial system via an eco-friendly platform.

Project: REAL
Listing date: 16th Dec.
Key words: gamefi, defi, TRC20, listed on Bittrex
Official Website: https://www.reallink.vip/
RealLink is a crypto token designed for social networking optimization. In the future, it will be applied to metaverses and games as well.

Project: PHAE
Listing date: 16th Dec.
Key words: Main Net, listed on P2PB2B, XT, exp
Official Website: https://phaeton.io/
Phaeton is a Blockchain Services and Technology company. In line with Phaeton’s philosophy to utilize blockchain technology to make the world a better place for all communities. Phaeton has created a Blockchain platform to make a Social Impact. With a suite of established technology, Phaeton Technology, under a new management structure, is creating a Social Impact Platform that incubates, develops, and collaborates with new and established business enterprises that address social and environmental challenges in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Project: SHAMAN
Listing date:  16th Dec.
Key words: listed on Uniswap, ERC20
Official Website: https://www.shamankinginu.io/
Shaman King Inu is the latest community focused token to launch on the Ethereum network! Our team is assembled from some of the most experienced individuals in DeFi and we want nothing more than to make Shaman King Inu the next big project.

Project: KODI
Listing date: 16th Dec.
Key words: NFT, listed on pancakeswap, hotbit, latoken, zt, decoin, ERC20
Official Website: https://kodicoin.com/
Kodi has a buy back utility built allowing for sustained buying pressure and burns. Our fantastic project works daily to foster trust and confidence from our dedicated community as we’re not another meme coin.

Project: KFI
Listing date: 17th Dec.
Key words: swap, listed on klayswap, KLAY
Official Website: https://keeper.finance/
Keeper Finance is a decentralized finance protocol that is inspired by job matching protocol Keeper which is DeFi version 3.0. It is designed to be a lite version of Keeper and is a more flexible and profitable protocol.

Project: SOLAR
Listing date: 17th Dec.
Key words: Solana, listed on Raydium, EST
Official Website: https://solardex.finance/
Solar is the first U.S Based Solana Dex that offers a one-of-a-kind safe platform. Solar eliminates the need for third-party liquidity locks by making it mandatory for every liquidity pool to lock for 3 months. This means NO MORE RUG PULLS!

 Summary of Last Week’s Listings – December 6th to December 12th, 2021

Name: LTR
Weekly gain: 327%
Official Website: https://www.logitron.io/

Name: BSW
Weekly gain: 324%
Official Website: https://biswap.org/

Name: CEEK
Weekly gain: 306%
Official Website: https://www.ceek.io/

Name: MAC
Weekly gain: 305%
Official Website: https://www.regisnetwork.co/

Weekly gain: 236%
Official Website: https://abracadabra.money/

Name: OMG
Weekly gain: 111%
Official Website: https://omg.network/

Weekly gain: 95%
Official Website: https://whalefall.io/

Name: GODZ
Weekly gain: 88%
Official Website: https://cryptogodz.io/

Weekly gain: 58%
Official Website: https://inuyasha.io/

Weekly gain: 49%
Official Website: http://www.babysaitama.com/

Name: DXCT
Weekly gain: 48%
Official Website: https://dnaxcat.io/?section=economics

Weekly gain: 40%
Official Website: https://www.yeticoineth.com

Name: EYE
Weekly gain: 26%
Official Website: https://mediaeyenft.com/

Name: SHIH
Weekly gain: 23%
Official Website: https://shihtzu.co

Name: KEYS
Weekly gain: 20%
Official Website: https://www.keystoken.io/

Name: MSD
Weekly gain: 18%
Official Website: https://moneydefiswap.net/

Name: NT
Weekly gain: 17%
Official Website: https://narakatoken.com/

Name: NUM
Weekly gain: 7%
Official Website: https://www.numbersprotocol.io/

Weekly gain: 6%
Official Website: https://maticverse.io/

Name: UNW
Weekly gain: 3%
Official Website: https://uniworld.io/

Weekly gain: 3%
Official Website: onston.io

Name: LCMS
Weekly gain: 0.4%
Official Website: http://www.lcmscoin.co.kr/

Name: 4JNET
Official Website: https://www.4j.net/

Official Website: https://minifootballtoken.com

Official Website: https://zenithchain.co/

Name: FRTS
Official Website: https://www.fruitsc.org/

Name: ABP
Official Website: http://www.abprotocol.com/

Official Website: https://apriloracle.com/

Official Website: http://roningamez.com

Official Website: https://www.minisportzilla.com/

Name: MSH
Official Website: https://www.crirmsh.com/

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