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LBank Weekly Listing Report, 20th December, 2021


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As a world class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week’s exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.

New Listings on LBank Exchange

Scheduled this week starting on 20th Dec.

For a more complete list please follow our twitter @LBank_Exchange

Project: EAGON
Listing date: 20th Dec.
Key words: listed on Pancakeswap, Quickswap, BSC&POLYGON
Official Website: https://eagonswap.exchange/#/swap
Eagonswap is a community-driven decentralized exchange platform built on the polygon network, bringing the state of the art polygon blockchain defi innovative technology to the crypto ecosystem, by implementing a harmony of the trilogy on cross-linkage interoperability across the polygon, ethereum and binance smart chain networks.

Project: BLOVELY
Listing date: 20th Dec.
Key words: MEME, listed on Pancakeswap, Bitmart, Hotbit, BSC
Official Website: https://www.babylovelyinu.com/
Baby Lovely Inu, is a decentralized deflationary token. Our vision is to make the record by growing token price from 0.00000001$ to 0.01$ in the 6 months.

Project: ANJI
Listing date: 20th Dec.
Key words: DEFI, listed on pancakeswap, BSC
Official Website: https://www.anji.eco/
ANJI (or $ANJI) is a reward-focused cryptocurrency that grants investors holding ANJI the blockchain native token (BNB) as rewards on all transactions, receive a portion of the returns from Anji apps and services and gives them the opportunity to re-invest back into the ecosystem at a heavily reduced fee. ANJI is the heart of the Anji Ecosystem.

Project: FRR
Listing date: 21st Dec.
Key words: NFT&DeFi, listed on Probit, ERC20
Official Website: https://frontrow.foundation
Frontrow (FRR) is a utility token that’s circulated and utilized in a partnered platform called Front Row. Front Row is a next-generation NFT platform that fosters real community while connecting you like never before to your favorite celebrities and icons.

Project: ESG
Listing date: 21st Dec.
Key words: utility, initial listing, ERC20
Official Website: https://esgcoin.co.kr/
ESG is a small wind power generator sales business and a platform that uses and shares electricity generated by wind power generation and sells and shares the dump power.

Project: DXG
Listing date: 21st Dec.
Key words: DEFI, listed on Pancakeswap, BSC
Official Website: https://dexioprotocol.com
Our vision is a world in which blockchain technology is mainstream and infinitely more people are connected by it. We will advance this ambition by; becoming the industry standard in Augmented Reality (AR) app development, revolutionizing blockchain based gaming, launching the most user friendly NFT platform on the planet, and developing our very own blockchain network and exchange.

Listing date: 21st Dec.
Key words: DEFI, listed on Pancakeswap, kucoin, gate, mexc, ERC20
Official Website: https://hotcross.com/
Hot Cross is an extensive multi-chain and cross-chain tool suite that enables blockchain teams and their communities to thrive. At its core, Hot Cross aims to be the best toolbox for ETH and EVM networks. Their development philosophy is agile, and they are a cohort of builders who aggressively seek out opportunities to meet the demands of the now for both B2B and B2C.

Project: HAM
Listing date: 22nd Dec.
Key words: listed on Pancakeswap, MEXC, Latoken, BSC
Official Website: https://coinhamster.io/
The hamster token’s goals are Financial Freedom and not to be affected by the negativity caused by market fluctuations. The Hamster Token tried to be useful to society and Hamster Token is going to hard working for to be useful to community forever.

Project: CSC
Listing date: 22nd Dec.
Key words: listed on whitebit, bitrue, mainnet
Official Website: https://casinocoin.im
This is the perfect time for CasinoCoin. With so many people working and gaming from home, there has been an exponential shift in online activity. Coupled with increasing interest in the crypto world, CasinoCoin opens up the market to a pool of potential new players to target. Our blockchain technology means unmatched transaction cost, security and near-instant deposits.

Project: VEX
Listing date: 22nd Dec.
Key words: DEFI, listed on Pancakeswap, BSC
Official Website: https://velorex.net/
Velorex is a Europe based decentralized finance and technology company that provides hardware and software solutions to manage crypto and fiat currency. Velorex is about greater literacy and adoption of cryptocurrency through the provision of fair, safe, and well-designed tools such as ATMs, debit cards, and smart wallets.

Project: ARTM
Listing date: 22nd Dec.
Key words: listed on Cointiger, Uniswap, EST, ERC20
Official Website: https://www.getartm.io/
ARTM is an ERC-20 token that will be used to unlock NFTs, video streaming, and gaming add-ons. ARTM Technologies is building an easy-to-use software platform that can fuel the cryptographic needs of currently untapped markets.

Project: GMEX
Listing date: 23rd Dec.
Key words: listed on Pancakeswap, Bitmart, BSC
Official Website: https://www.thegamecoin.net/
The vision of Game Coin is to allow any athlete in the world the ability to create their own sports token. Game Coin is the currency upon which all platform transactions will be based. To use the upcoming Game Coin platform, you must be a Game Coin holder.

Project: MPD
Listing date: 23rd Dec.
Key words: launchpad, listed on Pancakeswap, BSC
Official Website: https://metaversepad.app/
The MetaPad is a decentralized platform for fundrising and launching game projects on the metaverse ecosystem. MetaPad will help crypto game projects with token distribution, NFT and developing. We enable game projects move from old industries to the crypto metaverse ecosystem.

Project: RMDoxx
Listing date:  23rd Dec.
Key words: listed on Uniswap, ERC20
Official Website: https://www.rmdoxx.com/
RMDoxx is the first project of the Doxxed Alliance. The Doxx Alliance was born out of exploitation will move away from the conventional way of launching multiple projects. The Doxxed alliance will focus on launching projects with Doxxed teams using Zion.

Project: PLASTIK
Listing date: 24th Dec.
Key words: DEFI, listed on Pancakeswap, Bitmart, BSC
Official Website: https://plastiks.io/
Plastiks.io is a marketplace utilizing a smart contract approach to merge two-multibillion-dollar industries: NFTs and Recycling. The Plastiks platform allows recyclers to mint and sell NFTs as recycling guarantees so that recyclers can monetize their recycling data.

Summary of Last Week’s Listings – December 13th to December 19th, 2021

Name: SSS
Weekly gain: 1125%
Official Website: https://starsharks.com/

Name: NPAS
Weekly gain: 174%
Official Website: https://www.npasglobal.com/

Weekly gain: 144%
Official Website: https://bombcrypto.io/

Weekly gain: 102%
Official Website: https://lovely.finance/

Weekly gain: 80%
Official Website: https://www.shamankinginu.io/

Name: MNG
Weekly gain: 50%
Official Website: https://moonnation.org

Name: KODI
Weekly gain: 45%
Official Website: https://kodicoin.com/

Name: FREE
Weekly gain: 36%
Official Website: https://freerossdao.com/

Weekly gain: 21%
Official Website: https://impactxp.io/

Name: SCLP
Weekly gain: 14%
Official Website: https://scallopx.com/

Name: DFC
Weekly gain: 1%
Official Website: https://www.dfc.cash/

Name: TRIX
Official Website: https://triumphx.io

Official Website: https://richquack.com 

Name: HEC
Official Website: https://hectordao.com

Name: TMDS
Official Website: https://www.tremendouscoin.com/

Official Website: https://solarfullcycle.io/

Name: KFI
Official Website: https://klayfi.finance/

Name: TAC
Official Website: https://app.taichidao.io/#/stake

Name: REAL
Official Website: https://www.reallink.vip

Official Website: https://cryptogramplatform.com/

Name: PHAE
Official Website: https://phaeton.io/

Official Website: https://solardex.finance/

Official Website: https://www.cryptoshield.co/


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