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LBank Weekly Listing Report, 25th July 2022


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As a world class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week’s exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.

New Listings on LBank Exchange
Scheduled this week starting on 25th July.
For a more complete list please follow our twitter @LBank_Exchange

Project: E2COIN
Listing date: 25th July
Key words: DeFi, Iniatial listing, BSC
Official Website: http://www.energy-empire.net/
ENERGY Empire is a new business model supported by blockchain technology, a new energy model. It’s going to be very windy. Blockchain is basically trusted because all transactions are P2P-reviewable. Play an intermediate role through a possible technology infrastructure. ENERGY PERMY is based on a smart contract. It is a new and new platform that can create and trade peer-to-peer (P2P) as a platform that connects generators and consumers directly to the electric pool.

Project: NPR
Listing date: 25th July
Key words: NFT, Real estate, Initial listing, ERC20
Official Website: http://nipperture.io/index_eng.html
Nipperture tokenizes each real estate product and sells it in the form of an asset token. The sale of the property is entrusted to the buyers of the Nipperture property token, and the sale will proceed automatically if the promised return is achieved at the time of purchase. Rental income is paid every three months, and sales income is paid at the time of sale. Real estate token investors can resell real estate tokens through the Nipperture platform token market to have exchangeability.

Project: SDT
Listing date: 25th July
Key words:  Others, Listed on flybit, ERC20
Official Website: https://stakedao.org/
Stake DAO is a new multi-service DeFi platform built by the community which leverages the entire DeFi ecosystem to give users access to the most effective investment strategies, token swap & transfer and buy crypto assets with fiat money (EUR, GBP or USD).

Project: FIDLE
Listing date: 25th July
Key words: Metaverse, Listed on MEXC, ERC20
Official Website: https://fidle.io/
Fidle Coin is a decentralized digital currency that’s based on blockchain technology, a better and more efficient payment and reward alternative on the fidle social network. Fidle Coin is the official token of the fidle platform, a digital token that is totally tradeable on global exchanges and can also be exchanged for digital and physical goods and services on the fidle platform. Fidle Coin can be stored in a digital wallet, traded, swapped, exchanged and fully decentralized.

Project: CPS
Listing date: 25th July
Key words: Public Chain, Initial listing, BSC
Official Website: https://www.crypto-stone.io/
Cryptostone is an anonymous and No-KYC blockchain ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology as a financial tool in people’s lives. Cryptostone token ( $CPS ) is the native utility token of the Cryptostone project.

Project: QUINT
Listing date: 26th July
Key words: Others, Listed on  mexc,bitmart, BSC
Official Website: https://quint.io
Quint’s motto is ‘Connecting the Metaverse to the Real World’, unlocking unique value and visible benefits for its investors. The token’s utility is huge and real-world use cases are unique. We want to appeal to the 96% of the world that doesn’t currently investing in crypto to increase global adoption of crypto, deFi and blockchain technologies by offering mainstream investors the reliability, low risk and culture of delivery that they want.  In particular, we are creating the link between high crypto returns along with real-world rewards. We’re giving our backers perks and luxuries in real life. This is enabled through our revolutionary super-staking pools that offer real-world returns, rewards and perks as well as crypto compounding.

Project: TRCAIR
Listing date: 25th July
Key words: Public Chain, Initial listing, BSC
Official Website: https://www.tronair.me/
The TRONAIR protocol aims to provide a token economy and leverage prepaid system based on the TRC chain. By issuing BTC tokens linked to users’ cryptographic asset values, anyone can easily supply liquidity, deposit cryptocurrency to increase interest income, and minimize asset loss due to consumption.

Project: OPT
Listing date: 26th July
Key words: MEME/NFT/DEFI, Initial listing, BSC
Official Website: https://www.optimustesla.io/
Optimus is a Tesla meme and NFT-Fi project founded by early Tesla Stock holders, with the love for Elon. OPT is here to support Elon Musk and Tesla for a long run.

Project: PRX
Listing date: 28th July
Key words: DEFI, Listed MEXC/ Cointiger/ pancake/ Coinmarketcap, BSC
Official Website: https://www.parex.market/
Parex was introduced to investors as the best example of a decentralized marketplace by Dexchain, which has a unique blockchain base. These markets allow for the listing of Blockchain, ERC20, TRC20, TRON, and MyDexChain-based coins, as well as the trading of market-specific stablecoins. Furthermore, these systems, which include clearing and exchange systems, have no transaction fees. The fact that these projects, which are gaining traction in terms of commercial integration, are also safer, attracts investors’ interest. To invest in and mine cryptocurrency, you no longer need to know any software programs or use extremely powerful machines in terms of hardware. Because mining activities are performed on a hard disk rather than a graphics card on the decentralized platforms created as a result of these developments, it provides an investment opportunity that is both environmentally beneficial and profitable. The massive amount of electricity used in bitcoin mining has been cut in half.

Project: STP
Listing date: 28th July
Key words: S2E (show to earn), NFT, Initial listing, ERC20
Official Website: https://www.showtimeprotocol.xyz/
STP (ShowTime Potocol) aims to provide value which integrates everyone, including performance agencies, users, and even the blockchain industry beyond the performance industry, into a common autonomous economy market.

It provides a platform for filming WEB3 performance and converting content into NFT (content production, content trading, physical product production) through STP (ShowTime Protocol) showpad.

Project: ASY
Listing date: 28th July
Key words: Metaverse, Initial listing, Listed on STEX, latoken, BSC
Official Website: https://www.asyagro.io/
Asyagro is an International platform aimed to developed platform for agricultural Industry to obtain spontaneous advantages of blockchain Technology into Agro Industrial sector. Where individuals and companies can directly interact with each other through Blockchain Technology and utilize Asyagro platform with various innovative solution of IOT, Web 3.0 and Asyagro own blockchain. After massive innovation of Virtual World being into place like NFT & Metaverse. Asyagro going to create history of its own Virtual Agro World in future for indviduals and Companies. This is a Coin that will become a tool for the agro industrial market, and with the help of which user of the agro based blockchain platform will be able to conduct their transactions on the purchase and sale of goods in the agricultural Sector.

 Project: BLET
Listing date: 29th July
Key words: GAMEFI, Listed bittrex, ERC20
Official Website: https://blockearth.io/
Blockearth is a peer-to-peer game publishing platform that allows users to create and sell in-game assets in the form of entertainment and make high-yield investments on a state-of-the-art integrated ecosystem platform.

Summary of Last Week’s Listings – July 18th to July 24th, 2022

Name: MOTG
Weekly gain: 112%
Official Website: https://motg.network/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/motg/usdt/#usd

Weekly gain: 190%
Official Website: http://www.cryptokki.com/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/tokki/usdt/#inno

Name: XGT
Weekly gain: 41%
Official Website: https://xion.finance
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/xgt/usdt/#inno

Name: QAA
Weekly gain: 2%
Official Website: https://www.qommodity.io/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/qaa/usdt/#usd

Name: CSTN
Weekly gain: 310%
Official Website: https://www.csto2o.io/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/cstn/usdt/#usd

Name: XTZ
Weekly gain: 35%
Official Website: https://tezos.com/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/xtz/usdt/#inno

Name: CIC
Official Website: https://cicchain.net
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/cic/usdt/#inno

Name: ICP
Official Website: https://dfinity.org/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/icp/usdt/#inno

Weekly gain: 1%
Official Website: https://bananataskforceape.com
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/bandex/usdt/#inno

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