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LBank Weekly Listing Report, 28th March 2022


As a world class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week’s exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.

New Listings on LBank Exchange

Scheduled this week starting on 28th March.

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Project: STN
Listing date: 28th Mar.
Key words: NFT, initial listing, ERC20
Official Website: https://stingcoin.io/main
STING is a decentralized platform developed using blockchain to build an ecosystem so that composers can secure full ownership of their music and receive royalties from their works fairly. STN tokens can be used for the direction of the ecosystem and decision by voting. The final aim of STING platform is to create a mutually win-win structure that is united as a blockchain in the world of music between composers and fans.

Project: RYOMA
Listing date: 28th Mar.
Key words: Defi, initial listing, BEP20
Official Website: http://ryoma.finance/
Ryoma project is a Traffic-as-Service Gamefi Distribution Platform. RYOMA token is an BEP20 token on Binance Smartchain. Users obtain RYOMA token by providing liquidity and participating in traffic mining. With RYOMA token, game firms can purchase RYOMA NFT to create a new GameFi token mining pool for issueing their own token.

Project: SBCC
Listing date: 28th Mar.
Key words: Initial listing, BEP20
Official Website: http://www.sbcc.world
The SBCC token has all the necessary conditions for the successful promotion of a global smart city, including infrastructure, services, people, and the most essential data, which are the elements that make up a blockchain smart city.

Project: EZC
Listing date: 28th  Mar.
Key words: Mainnet
Official Website: https://ezchain.com
EZChain is a new generation blockchain platform for creating public blockchains and private blockchains. EZChain has high performance, low cost and simplest oriented system optimization for end users.

Listing date: 28th  Mar.
Key words: Meme, listed on Uniswap, XT, Bitmart, ERC20
Official Website: https://www.realshibadoge.com/
ShibaDoge was launched on December 24th, 2021 with a total supply of 420 sextillion tokens. At the time of launch, 50% of the total supply was immediately burned, and given that there are reflections to every wallet, including the burn wallet, ShibDoge is an auto-deflationary token.

Project: MBC
Listing date: 29th Mar.
Key words: Initial listing, BEP20
Official Website: https://mbccoin.co.kr/
‌To match the effort of the government’s policy to convert two-wheel delivery vehicles to electric vehicles, the project MBC foundation this time is carried out together with corporate body Korea Electric Vehicles Drivers Association (“Drivers Associaton”) that would take the biggest role.

Project: EWC
Listing date: 29th Mar.
Key words: DEFI, listed on XT, Bittrex global, ERC20
Official Website: https://www.erugocoin.com/
Erugo World Coin (hereinafter referred to as EWC) is designed to connect the real economy system with the virtual reality-based Metaverse platform ‘Erugo World’. The Erugo team thought that the true completion of Metaverse should be directly connected to the real world beyond the virtual world.

Project: SPAY
Listing date: 29th Mar.
Key words:  GAMEFI, listed on gate, mexc, BVI, BEP20
Official Website: https://spacey2025.com/
SpaceY 2025 is the world’s first ‘play-to-earn’ blockchain-based triple-A tower defense game with NFTs. The 3D sandbox game offers an open and rich gameplay experience as well as numerous opportunities for players to earn money while playing. SpaceY 2025’s story is about building and defending a human settlement on Mars.

Project: ZIRVE
Listing date: 30th Mar.
Key words: GAMEFI, initial listing, BEP20
Official Website: https://www.zirvecoin.com/
Zirve Coin is a joint project of the Zirve Group and its founding members. Since 2015, Zirve Group has been transacting in many fields, especially in dried nuts, in Turkey and in many countries of the world. Zirve Group consists of a group of companies with offices and branches in many provinces of Turkey with over 500 employees.

Project: CRU
Listing date: 30th Mar.
Key words: Initial listing, mainnet
Official Website: https://cryptounit.cc/
About: This CRU token is designed for New startups, starting a business; Existing businesses, developing an existing business using collateral; Blockchain users while paying for a personal business account that gives opportunity to issue your own tokens and keep the records in compliance with the law.

Project: TPY
Listing date: 31st Mar.
Key words: DEFI, listed on XT,  ERC20
Official Website: https://thrupenny.io/
About: Thrupenny ecosystem is designed to be the new evolution in DEFI infrastructure for investing, lending and borrowing. The protocol is built to overcome the current deficiencies of the DeFi crypto lending space via introduction of a new generation of the crypto lending protocol, powered with a derivatives-based risk management engine and inherent derivatives DEX as well as flash loan arbitrage automation system.

Project: XMP
Listing date: 31st Mar.
Key words: Utility, Initial listing, mainnet
Official Website: http://www.maptodl.io/
About: XMP is a utility token created by Mapt. ODL which has both real world and digital applications. One of Mapt. ODL’s main focusses will be within the Renewable energy Industry. Mapt. have been working for two years developing relationships with market leaders and professionals within the renewable energy industry and we now have a full team specialising in Green Hydrogen, wind, solar, biomass, AD plants and advanced gasification.

Project: PLCU
Listing date: 2nd Apr.
Key words: listed on BiBox, Coinsbit, mainnet
Official Website: https://plcultima.com/en/
About: The PLCU mission is to give hundreds of millions of people who are deprived of traditional fintech services access to a global financial infrastructure and instant payments around the world.

PLC Ultima is a massive infrastructure project, which combines the innovation of blockchain technology with the stability of dozens of time-tested business models.

Project: LY
Listing date: 2nd Apr.
Key words: DeFi/Utility, listed on Uniswap, ERC20
Official Website: https://lillyfinance.com/
About: Lilly identifies needs, opportunities and problems in health care, then employs a next generation financing system to make change happen faster. From the lab bench to billing, from diagnostics to data management, Lilly launches and supports projects that break down the barriers to new knowledge and surmount the siloing that too often makes care inefficient, ineffective and inhuman.

Summary of Last Week’s Listings – Mar 21th to Mar 27th, 2022

Name: CTX
Weekly gain: 506%
Official Website: https://c2x.world/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/ctx/usdt/#usd

Name: TVER
Weekly gain: 439%
Official Website: https://tverblockchain.com/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/tver/usdt/#usd

Name: STG
Weekly gain: 295%
Official Website: https://stargate.finance/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/stg/usdt/#usd

Weekly gain: 252%
Official Website: https://www.jasmy.co.jp/en_company.html
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/jasmy/usdt/#usd

Name: SSX
Weekly gain: 36.50%
Official Website: https://somesing.io
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/ssx/usdt/#usd

Weekly gain: 27.35%
Official Website: https://www.melos.studio
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/melos/usdt/#usd

Weekly gain: 3.90%
Official Website: https://www.koacombat.com/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/koacombat/usdt/#usd


Official Website: http://www.comexcointrade.com/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/comex/usdt/#usd

Name: SBT
Official Website: http://sunblockterminal.com/
Trade here: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/sbt/usdt/#usd


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