PoSW coin is now one of the few cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger, a renowned cryptocurrency hardware wallet company.

The Paris-based startup confirmed the addition by unveiling a special collector edition of the PoSW Coin wallets. As the first look suggests, the USB-type wallet carries the official logo of PoSWallet, an online staking credited for the creation of PoSW tokens. What’s further interesting is the way through which these wallets are made available: via an ICO market. Apparently, the Ledger PoSW edition will be dispatched to people who participate in the PoSWallet crowdsale.

For a majority of crypto-enthusiasts, the addition of PoSW tokens on Ledger wallet hardware also proves the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency. It is evident that a company like Ledger will only trust cryptos with strong foundations, practical motives and astound customer support. So their announcement works in favour of the reputation of PoSW as a legitimate altcoin.

The growing trust has been further proved with the recent bullish behaviour of PoSW coins. The cryptocurrency has experience a volatile upward momentum following the Ledger announcement, from $1.42 million on May 31st to $3.5 million at the press time. An excerpt from PoSWallet’s post announcement blog reads:

“All these partnerships with great Crypto Companies along with the improved Roadmap will lead to increase the value of the POSW Coin and to mass adoption for the POSWallet Platform. We have great plans and we have achieved many milestones.”

The premise of PoSWallet has always been an interesting one. The wallet service proposes to be a multi-platform for staking pools, exchanges and its very own cryptocurrency PoSW Coin. Over the recent months, PoSWallet has switched their stand to a certain extent. The company has delisted many altcoins after realising their low user bases, lower volumes and many similar drawbacks.

PoSWallet’s core focus now is to promote its native token, while supporting a few other ‘big player’ coins. PoSW Coin was recently added on CryptoDAO.com exchange.

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