Today the hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has announced the pre-order for the Ledger Nano S is now live. The device is built on a Secure Element protocol and has an embedded display feature to protect Bitcoin and Ethereum funds as well as check transactions.

The new Ledger Nano S is said to be a highly secure Bitcoin and Ethereum hardware wallet that can connect to any computer via a USB port. An embedded built-in OLED display is featured on the device where users can display transactions and confirm them with a single tap. After the introduction of the first Nano device, the company has built the Nano S product after 18 months of research and development. The firm is also pleased to announce the wallet is one of their first devices to support Ethereum.

Nano S is small in size and connects to an operating system after the user enters a secure PIN code. The technology is based on a dual chip architecture which offers the latest in STMicroelectronics Secure Element. Each transaction must be confirmed by the user with its two-factor validation using the devices OLED screen. A user’s private keys the company says is completely isolated, and transactions are 100% controlled by the owner. Eric Larchevêque co-founder and CEO of Ledger said in the announcement:

“Ledger’s mission is to bring the best in class security solutions to the market. Nano S is a marvel of technology, bridging the gap between secure hardware and open source. With a very aggressive price point and packed with exciting features, there is no doubt that Nano S is going to be the upcoming reference in hardware wallets.”

The firm believes Ledger has made a name for itself as a reliable company with a good reputation and offers an affordable price. Nicolas Bacca CTO of Ledger says Nano S creates the first native development platform for open source applications using the Secure Elements feature. Alongside this Bacca explains that using the company’s SDK, developers can easily distribute their own applications and install them on demand. This “enables safer cryptocurrency wallets and identity solutions” says Bacca

The new Ledger Nano S comes with a set of Chrome applications that can manage a versatile array of cryptocurrency wallets. Additionally, the Nano S is the first hardware wallet that supports Ethereum’s native currency Ether says the firm. Alongside the Ethereum support, Nano S from Ledger can securely run third party applications such as FIDO U2F, GPG, and SSH. Advanced users and businesses building enterprise solutions will also find the features useful says the Ledger team. Ledger tells Live Bitcoin News they aim to be a benchmark provider when it comes to hardware solutions for securing cryptocurrency.

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