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LEOcoin Info App Offers Latest LEOcoin Price Updates


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In an attempt to facilitate traders with minute-to-minute market information, LEOcoin backers have come up with a fresh, on-the-go mobile application.

LEOcoin Info, as the app is called, provides users latest information about LEOcoin, particularly the price updates. The cryptocurrency’s growing adoption rate since its launch this year has been impressive to say the least. Users all across the world are using LEOcoin for it’s ability to ensure 100% privacy and security.

“LEOcoin is a brand new digital currency made specifically for making transactions that are both fast and secure at the same time,” explained the developers of LEOcoin Info app.

“Transactions are made through decentralised peer-to-peer network and are available to anyone. In a digitalized era, everything is anonymous, fee-free and has the support of the most respected entrepreneurs worldwide, therefore making LEOcoin one of the fastest growing and expanding currencies in the world.”

The technical aspects are also assisting LEOcoin’s demand among traders — coupled with the market capitalisation which this crossed $50 million, eventually bringing LEOcoin to the position of sixth strongest cryptocurrency. It would be fair to say that traders are optimistic about LEOcoin’s future, and are thus driving its demand on public exchanges.

The launch of a dedicated app for community, thus, rings the right bell. LEOcoin Info, according to its developers, could be a beneficial addition to a trader’s investment strategy toolbox. The app can provide them with minute-to-minute news updates, which could help LEOcoin traders have a better look at current economic factors, business fundamentals and demand-supply ratio. Having such crucial information in hand ensure that traders predict accurate price movements, and minimise the overall trading risks.

On the top of latest price updates and news alerts, LEOcoin Info also features education content for cryptocurrency novices, which mainly answers all the entry-level questions related to blockchain and digital currency technology.

The app is now available on Apple’s App Store. You can download it here.


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