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LEOcoin to be a key component in the global monetary system in the next five years


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LEOcoin is a digital currency, backed by a dedicated exchange that launched in the UK in April 2015. It is a cryptocurrency used in exchange for goods and services, which is not subject to the control of a central bank. LEOcoin is the first digital currency to be launched in the UK that is designed for small business owners.

The digital currency which has garnered positive response in general, for being a fast, safe and private means of payment, has ambitious plans for its future.

LEOcoin believes in its potential to transform the way business is done across the world. It has managed to open up the world of digital currencies to a wider mass market audience by moving to a Proof of Stake method.

Thinking of more ways to engage people with LEOcoin, they are keen on expanding its appeal. Now people can even shop with a number of merchants with LEOcoin, in addition to just trading it for Bitcoin or Fiat. leocoinmerchants.comLEOcoin’s own merchant programme has started mapping these out, and the recent addition of LEOcoin to coinpayments.net opens up thousands more merchants that will accept LEOcoin.

A new website, myleotravel.com, has also been launched that allows LEOcoin holders to book hotels using LEOcoin and will soon be adding flights, the LEOcrowd website means that you can fund start-up businesses all over the world using digital currency. 

LEOcoin also plans to launch a debit card, which will allow people to hold balances in LEOcoin but when they use the card the merchant will receive whatever fiat currency they want, creating a whole lot more interest in LEOcoin.

LEOcoin is steadily working on its belief of being able to project itself as the coin for the mass market. It wants to become so integral to the global monetary system that it will be accepted even in local shops in the next five years.


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