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LifeTask, the human potential platform, Prepares for Pre-Sale Launch


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LifeTask, the first decentralized platform for job searches and staffing, is preparing for its token pre-sale. The pre-sale will begin on April 23rd and last one month, through May 23rd, 2018.

Over the last few years, the labor market has changed significantly. Routine, mechanical work is being handed over more and more to machines and computers, while people are expected to have new qualities: critical thinking, the ability to quickly analyze a situation and make decisions, as well as perform more complex, specialized tasks. We are no longer tied to a single workplace, or even a single field. The abundance and accessibility of educational programs offer the opportunity to expand one’s knowledge, to advance in the specific areas that are necessary and interesting, and to create unique competences.

Work plays an important role in our lives, and recently that role has been changing. Now we are not just looking for a job that will give us a sense of financial stability. We are looking for our calling, an answer to the question “Who am I? Who do I want to be?” We have a deep-seated need to realize our potential, to find an occupation in which we can express ourselves by maximally employing our knowledge, desires, talents, experience, and personal and professional qualities.

Research has shown that the level of professional engagement directly influences our sense of happiness, level of awareness, and ability to adapt. People who have managed to find the job of their dreams have an easier time building relationships, more proactively solve problems, are more independent and creative, while dissatisfaction in the workplace can lead to depression, burnout, stress, sleep disruptions, and health problems.

Realizing employees’ potential as much as possible is also advantageous for the employer. People doing what they love are more motivated and more invested in the work process. The better the job matches the candidate, the higher the payout.

Nonetheless, existing job search and staffing services are still operating under the old system. Job seekers upload their resume in an established format to a website or database. At the employer’s request, a recruiter chooses several candidates for the job opening, using education and prior work experience as the criteria. Practice has shown that this model is not very effective: companies expend a lot of time and money, with no guaranteed result. In addition, the information (contact info, information on past positions and salaries) is centrally stored, and if leaked can be detrimental to both job seekers and employers.

The decentralized LifeTask platform is based on state-of-the-art blockchain technology. Its objective is to make job hunting and headhunting faster and more effective. The interaction between the employer and the job seeker is transparent and direct, with no middlemen. The service works like this: job seekers enter information about their competences, experience, and knowledge to the blockchain via a smart contract. In turn, companies search by the skills and competences needed to fill a job opening or complete a specified task.

The choice of specialist is assisted by AI, which looks for the optimal match between job opening and candidate, using the cloud of interests and cloud of needs and taking into account geolocation data. This method makes it possible to quickly and easily fill even highly specialized and temporary openings. The system also includes a skill confirmation system, the ability to recommend projects to other users, as well as the option to search not just for individuals, but also for teams.

For job seekers, the service can be accessed for a monthly subscription of $4.90-$9.90 per month. For the employing company, access to the data of a specific expert costs $24.90 to $49.90. Every time a job seeker’s resume is accessed, they receive a bonus of $4.90 to $9.90.

Registration within the system and searches require LTS tokens, which can be acquired during the pre-sale and ICO. BCT, ETH and FIAT will be accepted as payment.

One LTS token will be worth 0.001 ETH. The minimum purchase will be 0.1 ETH, and the maximum 30,000 ETH. In total, no more than 700,000,000 tokens will be sold.

Investors who acquire tokens during the pre-sale will get bonuses: during week 1 of the pre-sale, the bonus will be 30% (1 ETH = 1.300 LTS tokens), during week 2 it will be 25% (1 ETH = 1.250 LTS tokens), and during weeks 3 and 4 it will be 20% (1 ETH = 1.200 LTS tokens) and 10% (1 ETH = 1.100 LTS tokens) respectively. There are also discounts on token purchases of 30 ETH or more.

The project ICO will take place from June 23rd to August 23rd, 2018. Funds raised will be put toward developing, testing, and implementing the system, marketing, creating a web app, and the primary and mobile versions of the software. The first stage of the platform’s launch will take place in English- and German-speaking countries.

You can find out more about the project at  https://lifetask.io .


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