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Lisk Developers Solve Network Issues Without Loss of Funds


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Issues are not all that uncommon in the world of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, it seems major problems become more apparent in the year 2018. The Lisk network, for example, suffered from a non-working blockchain for several hours. The issues are rectified, yet it still highlights the fragile nature of this ecosystem.

The Lisk network issues caused a fair few problems. With transactions not confirming, a problem ensued fairly quickly. It seems the project’s community was not too amused by this development either. Having any blockchain grind to a halt is a very big problem. and can cause irreparable damage if not addressed quickly.

The Lisk Network Seems Safe Again

Although the main cause is still a bit unclear, the developers have sorted the issue. So far, it appears no funds have been lost in the process, which is a positive sign. Unlike a 51% attack, the Lisk network seemingly suffered from a completely different problem. As such, a double spend of funds was not possible when the issue arose.

Even so, one particular conversation has sparked some debate. This discussion shows how one user may have lost funds in the process. With a transaction TX not showing up, a very interesting problem has occurred. Even so, it seems the transaction was never broadcasted to the network. Until stated otherwise by the developers, those funds should still be safe at this time.

One has to commend the Lisk developers for sorting the issue so soon. The issue hasn’t even affected the LSK price in a negative way either. Instead, the value per LSK rose over the past 24 hours, further confirming no real damage has been done. So far, the official explanation is how a “malicious block” was never validated, yet held up the rest of the network. A peculiar development if true.

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