When it comes to Bitcoin Cash, there are always interesting discussions to take note of. According to Whalepool, BCH isn’t the chain for transactions and merchants. Instead, it has fewer transactions than both Litecoin and Dogecoin. Such details are always subject to interpretation, but still worth looking into.

There are a lot of people who genuinely despise Bitcoin Cash The currency itself seemingly has a lot of merit, albeit not everyone sees it that way. The Whalepool Twitter account is clearly not in favor of BCH. This has been proven in a tweet a few weeks ago which few people took notice of.

Bitcoin Cash Could use More Transactions

At that time, the Whalepool account claims how Bitcoin Cash has very few network transactions. So few even that Dogecoin and Litecoin are vastly superior. That is an interesting statement, although it seemingly makes sense. That doesn’t mean Bitcoin Cash isn’t doing well, though, but the metrics aren’t what one would expect.

While those numbers didn’t look good in March of 2018, things have changed a bit. Looking at the current figures, Bitcoin Cash has almost overtaken Dogecoin in terms of transaction volume. It is still well behind Litecoin, though, which is a bit worrisome. All of these currencies see similar spikes around the same dates which is also rather intriguing.

With a current average of under 20,000 transactions per day, Bitcoin Cash is doing just fine. Litecoin has around 30,000 TX, whereas Dogecoin sits at just over 20,000. This confirms BCH is still used less often compared to the other three. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. All currencies pale in comparison to Bitcoin, which is to be expected.

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