Here’s a new tune that digital currency enthusiasts can enjoy (to be sung to the theme of “Rawhide”):

‘Bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin… Keep on climbing, bitcoin… Keep on going, bitcoin!  Go high!”

The piece is inspired by the rising price of bitcoin; a particularly good thing considering the recent fluctuations we’ve been witnessing over these last few weeks.  I have no doubt that the bitcoin haters of the world were feeling justified when the currency dropped below $200 at the start of the year.  For the rest of us, it was a scary time, and many of us didn’t quite know what to make of the whole thing.  Needless to say, we all wanted the price to rise again, and we wanted it to rise quickly.

While we can’t exactly sit here and get too excited (the happiness surrounding the $300 price was short-lived, as the price currently sits at around $270), we can hold onto the idea that things don’t remain doomed for all time.  Anything that stays down for a lengthy period is going to come back up as we’ve been seeing this last week.  If the price of bitcoin has taught us anything, it’s that our emotions and ideas must always remain in check.  It’s a bad idea to get too happy and excited or too sad and down about any one thing in particular because nothing lasts forever.  The best approach is to just take everything as it is, and do your best to cope with the consequences, whether they’re good or bad.

In the meantime however, the price of bitcoin does seem to be experiencing a steady rise, so take some comfort in the fact that our efforts and finances are not completely in vain.

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