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MailChimp Officially Shuts the Door on all Cryptocurrency Activity


A fair few companies are taking a rather hostile stance toward Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Especially when it comes to ICOs and tokens ales, there are still a lot of concerns. For MailChimp, it seems they no longer let business related to cryptocurrency use their services. A rather big development, albeit one that is not exactly surprising by any means.

It is not surprising email service providers take a closer look at cryptocurrencies. Rather than using it for payment services, they intend to ban this activity altogether. If MailChimp is any indication we will see more harsh action moving forward. In the case of MailChimp, they now effectively prohibit cryptocurrency companies and users from using their service.

MailChimp Officially Rejects Cryptocurrency Services

This does not just apply to ICO and token sale projects either. MailChimp wants nothing to do with any company involved in selling, transaction, exchanging, storing, marketing, and production of cryptocurrencies. This is a very worrisome development, to say the least. Even so, the decision was bound to be made sooner or later. Companies do not like ICOs or cryptocurrency, that much is painfully evident.

On the one hand, this decision makes sense. Companies – legitimate or not – can easily hide behind mails service providers like MailChimp. It results in a lot of negative pressure for the company, even though it is not exactly their fault. Prevention is always better than mending, especially in the world of cryptocurrency.

How this will affect the industry as a whole, remains to be seen. MailChimp is cracking down on a lot of other dubious activities as well. Spam emails, adult content, dating services, MLM, and gambling products are no longer allowed either. An interesting future lies ahead for cryptocurrency, but it remains to be seen if it will be a positive one. The crackdown on this industry is very real as of right now.

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