Historical trends suggest that the months preceding December mark something of a calm before the proverbial storm. This is typically when the value and market-caps of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, remain steady prior to a huge potential return-on-investment for coin-holders at the end of the year.

Last year marks the most notable example of this, however, it can be seen on a smaller and less bullish scale in previous years also.

For this reason, we decided to gather and look over the respective opinions of a handful of experts within the field regarding what the future might look like for coin holders in the close future as well as through the course of the next 5 to 10 years.

“A very chaotic space” – Dr. Lionel Wolberger

Dr. Lionel Wolberger is one of the co-founders and the current Chief Technical Officer at Platin, a blockchain based proof-of-location protocol/platform. His prior experience includes serving as ‘Chairman of the Blockchain XRI Names Registry’ for the OASIS Standards Body, in addition to nine years of management experience at Cisco, including work on the blockchain.

He said:

“It is a very chaotic space right now… On the one hand, the leaders tend to get bigger, and this would predict Bitcoin and its sister Bitcoin Cash will remain near the top.

On the other hand, technological disruption tends to displace first movers.”

The chaotic nature of the marketplace that Wolberger refers to can be exemplified with January 2018’s crypto-crash – from which we have still not recovered – where an unprecedented loss of value and revenue affected Bitcoin & Ethereum, also echoed in Altcoins.

As this event was completely unexpected, it bodes well to remember that despite the historic trend of December market peaks, correlation and trend does not guarantee repetition and the future will always be uncertain and unpredictable. Especially with hyperbolic claims being dropped regularly by the likes of Nouriel Roubini.

Bitcoin has frequently been described as the ‘gold’ of cryptocurrencies due to its perceived stability and prevalence in the market. Despite this, one must remember that if Bitcoin takes a hit in value, this is reflected across the market – especially in light of Bitcoin forks.

Wolberger’s words suggest that until we see more solid and proven solutions and technology, we will not see the current leaders dethroned.

“Crypto to be in a stage of major growth in five years” – Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong is a former JP Morgan trader (2011 – 2018). Presently, Wong is a partner at a company called International Digital Currency Markets (IDCM), a global exchange which boasts over a million users and turns over a whopping $82 million dollars per day.

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On the future, he confidently anticipates;

“Crypto to be in a stage of major growth in five years.”

“Most of the major tokens, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum, should still be around however what I envisage will be a move into a much more regulated space”.

This would be in-line with statistical predictions, as well as the opinions of this writer – who believes that top performers Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as altcoins, are likely to continue running strong in the considerable future.

Specific tokens hailed by Wong include Stellar (XLM), TRON, and EOS.

“Too far in the future” – Jack Zhang

Jack Zhang is an interesting character, claiming to be the figure who is more commonly referred to as ‘Erik Zhang’ (i.e. the co-creator of NEO) as well as the founder of Chainfunder and DAF. He is also presently acting as one of the advisors on the ‘Lightning Bitcoin’ project.

On the future, he states that

“Five years is too far in the future for crypto market.”

“I want to believe that by that: time dinosaurs Bitcoin and Ethereum will find their way and still be alive, but who knows”

This supports Wolberger’s response, that the events that have taken place over the course of the year make it difficult to project the future based on existing data.

Conversely, the claim that the ‘kings of crypto’ are ‘dinosaurs’ is bold and suggests that they may be outdated or set for extinction. What he means by finding their way is difficult to conclude.

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