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Malware-solutions King, FireEye: Bitcoins strength for global payment solutions


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In a recent interview with industry player CoinDesk, Ashar Aziz, internet security expert and founder of FireEye, which develops malware protection, shared that bitcoin holds several strengths that are the perfect foil for the current systems of payment, in terms of infrastructure.

“As we’ve seen over the past several years, more and more of our traditional transactions have moved to the Internet and are leveraging Internet speed for what used to be typical offline transactions. The value exchange is somewhat limited and primitive in their mechanisms and bitcoin’s underlying technology provides a good, cryptographically secure platform for exchange.”

The expert also highlighted the current drawbacks, inherent in the infrastructure of the trending payment platforms. From his perspective, which is the security, he explained that most fail to understand the threats and risks digital assets are exposed to on a daily basis.


“Many enterprises struggle to even understand where their valuable digital assets are, much less effectively secure them. So, if we can shrink the attack surface down to a small set of objects, which can then be very easily secure, that makes the attacker’s job much harder.”


In the process of the conversation, the security expert also explained about the current status of the industry, which was researching and finding facts on securing the payment platforms. He commended the current round of talks between PeerNova, the bitcoin miner, and industry stakeholders represent value exchange, besides indicating the step important step forward in secured payment systems.

More importantly, he concluded, that the traditional system of currency models will co-exist with alternative currencies such as bitcoins, as currently, “room for multiple systems to exist.”

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