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MANEcoin.io – $ Trillion Dollar Wellness and Beauty Industry Forever Disrupted by BlockChain


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The simple fact is that wellness and beauty professionals do not retire; not because they do not wish to, but because they simply fail to earn enough of the revenue that they generate through services performed to be able to save enough for retirement.

MANEcoin.io has just flipped the script on one of the world’s oldest, yet unchanged, antiquated industries. The Beauty and Wellness World is ripe for disruption and decentralization. “By tokenizing the Beauty and Wellness Industry we are allowing a true Peer to Peer structure to become organized.” states Founder and CEO of ManeStreem, inc, the platform upon which MANEcoin.io was initially launched. ManeStreem has been the leader of On-Demand Beauty and Wellness services globally since its launch in 2015.

“Think about how Amazon and EBay leveled the playing field for small businesses and have offered those business and unprecedented, global reach” says Gonzalez, “MANEcoin will be the equivalent of Airline Miles for the Beauty and Wellness industry and we are currently in talk with some of the worlds largest beauty brands to accept MANEcoin for goods and services.”

ManeStreem President, Isaac Nakash suggests that a leveling of the playing field in the Multi Trillion Dollar Beauty and Wellness industry Globally is long overdue. “Nothing like this has ever transpired in the Beauty and Wellness World, the birth of MANEcoin will equate to an historic redistribution of capital and the correction of income inequality that has existed since the beginning of time.”

Visit MANEcoin.io for more information and participate in this once in a lifetime, revolutionary movement. Participants in the recently announced MANEcoin.io ICO will be receiving significant bonuses for early participation.

About MANEcoin:

ManeStreem is a decentralized e-commerce platform that leverages the blockchain technology to provide consumers with on-demand wellness solutions. The platform inculcates numerous aspects of the technology, which include smart contracts and atomic swap techniques in order to extend a seamless experience to its end users. The key to the power of the decentralized ManeStreem platform, as it is called, is its fuel, ‘Mane’. Mane also draws its power from advanced engine mechanisms that are all woven into a unified, integrated architecture: Revenue Optimization Engine (RoE), Price Optimization Engine (PoE), the Ethereum Blockchain, Catapult, Inventory Management System (IVS), Order Management System (OMS), Customer Relations Management System (CRM) and, Marketing and Analytics System (MAS), in addition to the Software Development Kit (SDK), so as to result in an powerful decentralized application that is secure, end to end, thanks to the might of the blockchain.

On-Demand Beauty and Wellness services is an industry ripe for disruption and ManeStreem focuses on bringing the power of the blockchain into this sector. Traditional brick and mortar salons offering beauty services are on a decline considering how overbooked people are, having little time for placing another booking for have themselves groomed. The situation is further complicated by the increased travel time and costs as well as the booking times, which make these services a task rather than a means to pamper oneself with beauty treatments. This is exactly the area ManeStreem is targeting to expand its reach and territory locally as well as globally in. By bringing revolutionary technology at people’s fingertips, ManeStreem aims to make beauty and wellness services more affordable. The result is a unified on-demand platform of the future.

Website- manestreem.com
Video Link- youtu.be/ManeStreem
Facebook – www.facebook.com/ManeStreemApp
Twitter – twitter.com/ManeStreem
Instagram – www.instagram.com/manestreemapp
LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/company/manestreem


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