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When I look at bitcoin, I am reminded of the big plans we all make in life that didn’t completely follow through.

As kids our ambitions involve becoming something extravagant in life; astronauts, actors, scientists, Olympians, even the President of the United States.  Instead, what do many of us become?  Office workers, public servants, basically some form of position that sees us trying to crawl up the corporate ladder with a desperate air, and many of us are huffing and puffing pretty much all the way.

Bitcoin presents a similar scenario.  The digital currency was presented to the world with great ideas and great intentions behind it… To link countries financially, to aid the unbanked populations, to help those without substantial credit, etc.  Basically, it was put here on Earth to help us survive some of the hardships we were bound to face… And in the midst of all these good intentions, many unfortunate and unforeseen things occurred; Mt. Gox, for example, which saw almost half a billion bitcoins stolen from users, or how about the latest attack on Bitstamp that saw nearly $5 million in bitcoins stolen from exchange customers?

Between the hackings, the attacks, the rejection from banks, its connection to illegal activity, its poor media coverage and its waning reputation amongst big business owners and politicians, bitcoin hasn’t done quite as well as it could have.  In other words, it hasn’t quite stretched beyond what it thought it would.  The plans and the intentions were there, but they haven’t quite come full circle.

But let’s not get depressed about it.  Bitcoin is only six years old, and there’s plenty of time and things we can do to ensure its future.  The popularity and the steady rise of the cryptocurrency depends strictly on our attitude towards it, and if our attitude is positive, well then only positive things can come our way.  If our minds are open to negativity and problems and barricades, then that is what we’ll receive.  Let’s join hands and form a “love train” around bitcoin.

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