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Margin Trading Exchange BaseFEX Slashes Trading Fees in More Than Half to Benefit More Traders


BaseFEX, a crypto margin trading exchange that supports Perpetual Contracts up to 100X leverage, has cut its trading fees in more than half, now charging Taker as low as 0.03% compared to its previous 0.07% and 0.10%. With BaseFEX’s new fee structure, traders can typically save 45% trading fees than trading on BitMEX.

The Taker’s new fee rate starts off at a universal 0.06% that applies to all of its existing trading pairs including BTCUSDT, BTCUSD, ETHXBT, LTCXBT,  BNBXBT, EOSUSDT and more. The fee rate follows a structured tier that the more trading you trade, the lower the fee rate you can get, which can go as low as 0.03% for the average retail traders- arguably the industry’s lowest.

“The goal of the new program is to attract not only the average retail traders with the world lowest Taker fees and advanced trading tools, but also the Market Makers and Institutional Investors around the world,” says BaseFEX VP Operation Randolf Zhao.

Indeed, the new program is a significantly tempting offer for Market Makers and Institutional Investors who can now enjoy a rebate up to 0.05%, which is 2 times more than Bitmex’s 0.025% rebate.

In the advent of the bull market in 2020, there is no denying the fact that lowering trading fees is something that exchange users and investors often welcome with arms wide open. The new fee schedule has come into effect on January 10th, 2020.

Among many other things that the exchange has promised, BaseFEX guarantees zero overloads and never requires KYC, which has become a major issue in the market as KYC defies the original spirit of cryptocurrency — anonymity. The company offers BTC- and USDT-settled trading with up to 100X Leverage with the world’s lowest fee, Taker 0.06%, and Maker 0.05% rebate.


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