Bitcoin is of great interest to a lot of people. Even financial institutions are paying a lot of attention. This is happening despite their clear negative attitude toward Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. According to Mario Draghi, it is a matter of time until banks start holding Bitcoin as well. Whether or not this will bring more credibility to the industry, remains to be seen.

Mario Draghi has been a remarkable individual for many different reasons. Most people know him as the president of the European Central Bank. He has some interesting opinions on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While not pro-Bitcoin, he is not entirely against it either. In fact, he acknowledges the ECB cannot and will not regulate Bitcoin whatsoever. It is a rather level-headed statement, even though other banks will gladly disagree with his statement.

Mario Draghi has Interesting Opinions on Bitcoin

It will be interesting to see how the situation evolves. More specifically, Draghi hints at how banks may soon hold Bitcoin. We are not necessarily talking about owning cryptocurrency themselves. Instead, they may offer custodial services for cryptocurrency users. It is not the first time such a topic is discussed either. For now, no financial institution has any plans to effectively offer this type of service. Instead, most of them are too busy preventing users from buying Bitcoin directly. A lot will have to change in the future, that much is rather evident.

There is a good reason as to why this change may occur soon. Various banks have shown an interest in Bitcoin as an investment vehicle. The so-called Bitcoin futures are a self-regulated product offered by financial institutions. They have never been approved by any regulatory body whatsoever. Even so, it is hard to envision a world in which such tools no longer exist. It is possible European banks will follow this example very soon. Draghi is convinced holding a position in Bitcoin may be a positive change.

If that situation were to become reality, things will get a bit dicey. After all, the European Central Bank has to oversee such products within Europe’s borders. That is much easier said than done, as they don’t want to mingle with Bitcoin all that much. Any institution getting involved with cryptocurrencies exposes themselves to significant risks. Making an informed decision is, according to Draghi, the only viable course of action in this regard. An interesting future awaits, that much is rather evident.

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