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Meet Solana on 1xBit: A New Payment Method


1xBit is always keeping its promises. And now, they are providing a new payment method with Solana (SOL) as requested by the community.

But what does that mean?

Now the users can add Solana to the multicurrency account with no need to create a new account as on 1xBit it’s possible to operate with several cryptocurrencies under the same account.

Why should Solana be one of your choices?

Even though the year has started slowly for everyone, Solana should still be one of your options to consider. Based on Solana’s performance in the previous year, Solana is considered an excellent investment even in 2022.

Furthermore, Solana has built a solid reputation as an “Ethereum Killer” as the project manages to provide dApps with a faster, reliable, and more reasonable platform.

The reasons are simple:

  • Solana has an exceptional ecosystem focused on its apps;
  • It performs well in terms of blockchain speed;
  • It has lower fees than Ethereum.

Solana can process over 2500 transactions per second and has already cleared over 50 billion transactions. Its scalability guarantees that transactions for both developers and consumers stay less than $0.01. Other noteworthy accomplishments include the Solana network’s over 500 dApps and various DeFi projects.

And the pricing prediction is that it will be approximately $142 at most. The whole market value has increased by more than 4.4%, and Solana has increased modestly to trade safely above $85.

Solana’s story and tokenomics

Solana is a functional open-source network that supports smart contracts, including NFTs, and a range of decentralized applications. The platform uses a new permissionless and fast layer-1 blockchain.

Anatoly Yakovenko developed Solana in 2017 with the goal of scaling throughput beyond what is generally accomplished by popular blockchains while keeping prices low. It also features a new hybrid consensus model that blends a unique proof-of-history (PoH) algorithm with a lightning-fast synchronization engine.

The creators wanted to build a completely new blockchain that could expand to worldwide usage. But that’s not all; there are 315 million SOL coins in circulation, with a total supply of 511 million and no set maximum supply.

The token has two primary functions: staking, in which token holders can stake their SOL and get rewards.

The second utility enables users to pay for costs related to operating smart contracts or other transactions using SOL.

Choosing Solana on 1xBit

Keep in mind that Solana is a wonderful pick for playing on 1xBit and should always be in your wallet.

1xBit is known as being the most popular gambling platform. The team behind is constantly adding new events and tournaments to keep the players curious.

Along with recently added Solana 1xBit supports over 40 cryptocurrencies and the list of supported coins constantly extends.

Furthermore, new users are rewarded with a significant welcome bonus of up to 7 BTC. All that is required to profit from this reward is an email address and the desire to be a part of the world of cryptocurrency betting.

Register your account today and take advantage of incredible bonuses and special deals. Use SOL1X for 125% 1st deposit bonus.

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