Bitcoin has been experiencing a monster rally at the time of writing, but according to some analysts’ viewpoints, the jumps incurred by the world’s number one digital currency by market cap aren’t all that spectacular. Meltem Demirors – chief strategy officer at Coin Shares – explained in a recent interview that certain stocks, such as Tesla, have also witnessed huge spikes in recent months, and some have been even larger by comparison.

Meltem Demirors: Bitcoin Is Less Volatile

Demirors says that bitcoin has ultimately become less volatile than ever before when examined closely on paper. The chief officer states:

Everything else has become more volatile. As we know, volatility is a relative measure. In the current environment, bitcoin is actually less volatile than it has been in the past.

To prove this point, Demirors pointed to the stock of Tesla, the car manufacturing company headed by South African entrepreneur Elon Musk. Just last Monday, Tesla was added to the S&P 500, and since the beginning of the year, stock shares in the company have jumped by more than 675 percent. By comparison, bitcoin has only expanded by around 220 percent at press time.

Demirors explains:

If we look at the astronomical rise in the equities market, bitcoin’s rise actually doesn’t feel so wild.

In addition, bitcoin and the cryptocurrency environment have both become far more mature in recent years, and digital assets have learned to stabilize themselves somewhat despite outside market influences. Demirors comments:

It used to be a career risk to get exposure to bitcoin. Now, it is a career risk to not have exposure to bitcoin. The world has certainly changed a lot over the last nine months.

In this, Demirors certainly has a point. There are many financial firms and brokerages that are working to give their clients easier access to cryptocurrencies. Assets like bitcoin are now viewed as “safe havens” or hedge tools that can potentially keep one’s wealth stable and strong during times of economic strife. They are now seen as prime ways to keep one’s portfolio versatile.

Previously, cryptocurrencies were largely misunderstood and thought of as volatile playthings that should be avoided at all costs unless one was really willing to lose a huge portion of their funds.

Not Everyone Is a Believer

Sadly, there are still individuals out there who are convinced that bitcoin and its altcoin cousins are nothing to take seriously. For example, billionaire investor Mark Cuban recently emerged to say that bitcoin was far more comparable to religion rather than any individual problem-solving product. While he does think it’s plausible to invest in bitcoin and believes it shares similarities with gold, he’s convinced it’s not a store of wealth, and says anyone telling themselves otherwise isn’t being truthful.

At press time, bitcoin has taken a bit of a dip and is trading for around $23,400 per unit.

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