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#Metahash Surges Ahead Backed with Much Growth


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One of the most ingenious inventions that are playing an important role in the business world today is blockchain technology. For industries which aim to lead the curve towards faster growth, blockchain technology is beginning to pave their way to success. If you’re looking for success stories utilizing blockchain, take a look at #Metahash.

Considerable developments and 500 nodes spur #Metahash

#MetaGate, the network’s decentralized browser, has changed significantly – from a quite bold interface with “test” icons back in 2018, it flourished into a bunch of early Dapps from community and original #MetaHash services and tools like #MetaHash Pay, its own messenger, and #MetaApps, with more to go live in the coming months.

#MetaHash client will go mobile quite soon, so managing #MHC will become possible also on iOS and Android, while #MetaWallet starts processing BTC and ETH. Both PC and mobile wallets will be integrated with web API so as to make crypto payments as easy as one click and expand the usage of #MetaHashCoin throughout everyday online payments.

As announced recently, the further development of #MetaContracts, the new non ERC-20 smart contracts which are much faster, cheaper, and easier than anything else in blockchain now, is in full swing. Soon the option of releasing stablecoins and tokens on #MetaHash network will become available.

And finally – #MetaHashCoin is pushing forward. After listing on the first two exchanges the organic growth of #MetaHash’ capitalization hit 300% in less than a month according to CoinMarketCap. The coin will be listed on more exchanges including fiat ones and the team will proceed to support the conditions for further stable growth.

“They need to develop the network as transparently as possible for it to go mainstream.”

The development of a fundamentally new and complex decentralized network cannot be easy for understanding, that is why we need to ask questions which they are ready to answer. They need to develop the network as transparently as possible for it to go mainstream.

The future of the #MetaHash project depends on each member of the community: volumes of used #MHC, participation in the processing and confirmation of transactions, support for decentralized applications, activity on the network — everything matters. So let’s develop #MetaHash together!

This company looks very worthy and interesting, I think it has a great future and leads the pack in the digital asset exchange network. I’m excited for it to go mainstream!



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