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Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM Is for Real !


Last month, there was a tweet by Mike Tyson, the boxing legend which got everyone from the bitcoin community excited. Mike Tyson announced about a new venture – Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM. While the initial reaction was good, gradually skepticism crept in.

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Following the coverage of Mike Tyson’s announcement and after having a look at the website – miketysonbitcoin.com and its apparent association with Bitcoin Direct LLC, people started thinking various things. Some of those included the possibility of Mike Tyson’s twitter account being hacked, followed by whether Mike Tyson was at the receiving end of a bad deal after stories about Bitcoin Direct’s alleged mismanagement and false claims started circulating around on the internet.

However, it seems like those rumors can now be put to rest. The first Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM has now made its appearance in United States on the Las Vegas strip. The new Bitcoin ATM machine with Mike Tyson’s image staring out at the users and those passing by, beckoning them (or more like challenging them) to use it. The new Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM is not something that stands apart, except for the cool graphics. It is a Lamassu one-way bitcoin ATM machine what can be used only to convert fiat currency to bitcoins.

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When rumors about possible fraud started going around, Bitcoin Direct’s CEO Peter Klamka defended the company and their business. He has yet again responded to questions regarding the authenticity of pictures featuring the first Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM. Peter explained that the photos of Mike Tyson ATM in Las Vegas is indeed real and it was captured sometime after the machine was unveiled.

The new Mike Tyson ATM however does have a couple of drawbacks, the limitation imposed by a one -way bitcoin ATM alone can be a deal maker or breaker. Another challenge is the exorbitant transaction charges. Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM charges about 10 percent as transaction fee in addition to the miner charges. Anyways, it is still worth giving a try, just to find out whether the bitcoin ATM turns fiat currency to bitcoin in less than 20 seconds as promised on their website.

If anyone is out there has already tried using it, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section.

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