Humans are social beings, we started off in small groups, then tribes and so on …. Until the internet came into picture. Once we got the internet, we started off small by sending mails, IRC, VoIP and social networks. Social networks appealed to most human beings alike and we ended up with a whole bunch of them. We settled for Facebook and laid others to rest. But again, Facebook or any other social network is run by companies which, in the name of profits would love to squeeze the last drop out of their customers. Something similar has happened with Facebook as well. Only if we could keep track of the number of times their terms & conditions and policies have changed. Every time it happens, users end up selling out more of themselves to Facebook or other partner companies.

And again, there are some who would beg to differ. One among them is a new social network – Minds. Minds is the kind of social network which is completely opposite to all the other social networks we have seen so far. Minds is an open source, free platform committed to maintain privacy, security and transparency of content on the platform. While most features like sharing, commenting and promoting posts are similar to that of other social networks, Minds doesn’t collect information, browsing habits and other relevant data. All messages sent over the platform will be encrypted by default. Minds also offers rewards to users for their interaction on the network. These rewards can be used to promote posts and if needed, more points can be bought. Minds also has an integrated Bitcoin wallet on the website. We may be able to convert points to Bitcoin or buy more points with Bitcoin in the coming days.

The conventional social networks are known to track users’ browsing pattern and collect personal data, which will be sold to advertising agencies and other businesses. Recently it was noticed that Facebook has been violating the privacy of internet users (including those who aren’t signed up on their platform) by tracking internet browsing pattern. Minds intends to put an end to all these with its version of a secure,  transparent and open social network.

Minds will be coming out of alpha stage soon, and we can expect some new features like open ad network, e-commerce for anyone, advanced encryption chat and customization and developer tools to be included soon. The platform is currently using Google AdSense ads and Taboola’s content marketing.  Minds mobile application is now available for iOS and Android platforms.

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