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Minereum: The First Ever Self Mining Smart Contract that Simplifies ERC20 Token Creation Easier


Cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology are hailed as the harbingers of change to the existing financial system which has remained almost the same since ages. At the same time, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin also draw flak for their energy-intensive mining process which is much required to maintain the network. Minereum, a new innovative cryptocurrency has taken all these factors into account to create a self-mining blockchain and smart contracts platform.

Minereum, launched on April 14, 2017, has become the first ever self-mining smart contract token. The platform has a mathematical formula in place which will be used for “on the fly” mining operation. Built on Ethereum platform, the creators of Minereum have developed a smart contract connected to Genesis addresses which are empowered to generate 0.00032 MNE (minereum tokens) per Ethereum block. The platform has assigned 4268 Genesis addresses as a part of the creation phase, which will be kept constant.

With the initial distribution of MNE tokens to Genesis addresses, the cryptocurrency smart contract platform is already operational. In the coming days, the platform will be introducing lots of new products and features directed towards creating an entire Minereum ecosystem. The upcoming service offering involving Minereum is outlined in its latest roadmap.

Ethereum Token Creation Service is a significant and promising service to be offered by Minereum in the coming days. Using this service, people will be able to create ERC20 tokens by just following few simple steps automatically. On the easy to use service, all one has to do to create his/her own token is to input the desired supply, token name, symbol, and other necessary information. Once the prerequisites are met, the platform will automatically code, compile and deploy the corresponding tokens on Ethereum network.

All the created tokens will be sent to an address/addresses mentioned while entering the details. Minereum, through its token creation service, makes it easier for individuals and companies to create their own ICO, list it on exchanges, transfer it to others and more. Other planned services include Minereum lottery and faucets.

Minereum cryptotoken is already featured on CoinMarketCap and available for trade on and CryptoDAO platforms. In the coming days, the platform intends to list its tokens on other leading exchanges and trade platforms.

The creators of Minereum are active on social channels. Those interested in becoming part of the community or want to keep themselves updated about the developments can do so by following them on Twitter, BitcoinTalk, and Telegram.

Set out with a mission to make cryptocurrency technology accessible to everyone, Minereum is so far on the right path and intends to continue the same course.


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