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MingoCoin Plans to Ride the Wave of Mobile Messaging to 1.2M Users in 2018


At this point, we think it’s fair to say that blockchain technology and its subsequent use in all sorts of transactions involving cryptocurrencies are here to stay. But while these may be popular among certain circles, it’s still not much of a mainstream thing.

According to recent research, apparently, only 0.05% of the world’s population uses some form of cryptocurrency. There’s activity in the space, sure, but it could involve a lot more people. So how are the rest of the world’s population supposed to ever catch up?

Mingo, a company from Ireland, believes it has an answer. In the next couple of weeks, Mingo plans to launch a token pre-sale for a planned initial coin offering that’s set for Q1 2018. And what is all this for, you ask? The company wants to bring a 3-in-1 solution to a problem that it recognizes is in the way of wider blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.

To start, Mingo plans to deploy an interconnected set of products. These are MingoMessenger, which it describes as a platform-agnostic multi-channel messenger app as well as a white-label solution that allows enterprises to manage their customer relationships. Within this messaging app, there’s MingoWallet, which will hold Mingo’s own cryptocurrency, called simply MingoCoin. With all three, the company plans to push towards introducing cryptocurrency to more people around the world, with the same technology that they already know and use every day: mobile messaging.

MingoMessenger is actually quite interesting. It’s a single messaging app that allows users to manage chats from different services such as Facebook, Slack, and Twitter. And if you think it’s something that you might find useful, you’re not the only one. It’s already out, and over the last 20 weeks, 50,000 users across 170 countries have already started using it.

The addition of cryptocurrency will not make using Mingo any more complicated: according to detailed plans for MingoCoin’s eventual ICO, users of MingoMessenger will be able to send cryptocurrency as easily as sending a text message. This kind of user-friendliness is what is expected to aid in MingoCoin’s growth. For its first year, it is said that MingoCoin is guaranteed to have 1.2m users thanks to strategic partnerships combined with the already existing userbase.

As mentioned earlier, MingoMessenger is also built to function as a white label enterprise level multi-channel messenger app. This should be useful for internal use in companies, and will no doubt also add to the overall impact of the MingoCoin ICO.

As Ireland’s first, MingoCoin ICO has already started getting noticed, and in the coming days, the platform looks forward to gaining more adoption and a widening community.

Company Name: Mingo Technology Limited
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +353(0)879871751
Email: [email protected]



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