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Ongoing MingoCoin Pre-sale Attracts Over €650,000 in One Hour


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Our rapidly digitizing world is growing and evolving at speed many of us struggle to keep up with.  Learning how to adapt to our changing environment is key, and that’s exactly what Mingo understands, and is constantly striving towards.  Their efforts definitely haven’t gone unnoticed.  Their presale went live on the 25th of September and raised over €650,000 in the first hour alone!

So, if you don’t know by now, what exactly is Mingo?  It’s a multi-faceted platform with a goal of becoming the fastest-growing cryptocurrency database. It plans to do this by basically being the one place where you can easily connect and transact while learning all there is to know about how to use cryptocurrency.

The first facet is MingoMessenger, which is available on Android and iOS.  At first glance, it may appear to be a new IM service, but it’s not.  It basically allows you to merge all your existing messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger and Skype, in one place.

Not only is this extremely convenient as you won’t have to go back and forth between different platforms, but it makes sending and receiving cryptocurrency from your contacts list so much easier!  A total of 50,000 unique downloads in over 90 countries shows how popular it has already become!

MingoCoin will operate on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing it to offer stability, privacy, and anonymity.  What’s great about MingoCoin is that you’ll actually be able to earn them as a reward for learning how to use cryptocurrency.  So, just how would you find out how to use crypto?  Through Mingo of course!  A mentor will teach you how to use cryptocurrencies once you sign up.

You’ll need a place to store all your MingoCoins, right?  That’s where MingoWallet comes in.  Once it launches in 2018, you’ll be able to store multiple cryptocurrencies in different wallets, allowing you to make instant transactions at low fees.

There are still 12 days left of the presale, and you’d better contribute soon!  The sooner you do, the bigger the discount you’ll receive.  Their target is €2 million, which will be used to fund their ICO in 2018.  MingoTokens will be used for the presale, which, after their ICO, can be converted into MingoCoins at a 1:1 ratio.  Ethereum is the only currency accepted for the presale.

Mingo has forecasted that they will have over five million users by 2019 and with all that they have to offer, that’s very likely.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Take advantage of this great investment opportunity and contribute now!

Company Name: Mingo Technology Limited
Company Location: Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +353(0)879871751
Email: [email protected]

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