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What does Mining Bitcoin really Mean


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Mining is the process by which Bitcoin are made. It is a bit hard to understand “How Can I Mine Bitcoin”. This is because it is a digital or virtual currency. You cannot touch Bitcoin like paper money. Miners are people who are responsible for mining Bitcoin. They run programs on computers. The software is capable of identifying a sequence of data known as a block. The system repeatedly uses mathematic calculations to create a successful block to earn coins. The process is referred to as mining because like real miners, they discover new minerals, which was not known to exist before thus creating new Bitcoin. Miners also help to secure Bitcoin network because they constantly approve and validate transactions. During the process of mining, the software appliesa hash algorithm to data blocks. Mining today is not as simple as when Bitcoin was new.

What You Need To Mine Bitcoin

A few years ago, around 2009; you could mine Bitcoin on your own by using your personal computer. Your computer did not need to have complicated and dedicated hardware for mining. As time went by, it became unprofitable to mine on your own because of the large amounts of electricity you would use. Now you can join mining pools. This is a group of miners who work together to increase the computing power over the Bitcoin network. This made mining a bit easier but as years go by the number of Bitcoin increases and same case to transactions. Mining is a crucial part of the Bitcoin network because it ensures fairness and keeps the Bitcoin network secure and stable. Mining on your own today will require you to have powerful hardware. It will increase your capability of calculating mathematical algorithm at a faster rate. That is the simplest way of starting you off to mining Bitcoin.


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