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Missed Near Protocol (NEAR) and Solana (SOL) at $1? You Cannot Miss the Exchange Token Poised to Go Up 10,000% at $0.04


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SOL price’s recent 5% increase indicates a shift toward a bullish market trend following a notable downturn.  This occurred just one month after the Bitcoin halving event, which has led to conjecture regarding Solana’s prospects for a strong market rebound. Observing this development, investors and market analysts analyze its potential impact on the larger cryptocurrency market.

Near Protocol has also been on an upward trajectory as the recent developments have captivated investors. Increased investors’ interest and price surges are testaments to Near Protocol’s success. DTX Exchange emerges as a platform [promising similar gains.

SOL Price Analysis By Market Experts

Following slight rallies in the cryptocurrency space, Solana shows indications of a change in market sentiment that could indicate an upward trend for SOL prices. Even though there is some resistance below the support trend line, the odds favor the start of a bullish cycle. A symmetrical triangle seen in altcoin’s daily trading patterns points to a lateral but possibly positive market shift.

Additional examination of the 50-day and 100-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) suggests the potential formation of a double-bottom pattern, denoting a significant bullish turnaround. SOL price is currently at the $142.48 mark, having made a significant intraday rally from its lower support level.

Market observers speculate that if this double-bottom pattern holds near the $160 neckline, it may result in a big price breakout that pushes the SOL price above $200. Growing interest from secondary investors, which raises the fundamental demand for SOL, lends credence to this optimistic scenario.

Near Protocol To Turn Bullish Amid Collaboration With True ZK

NEAR Protocol announced a partnership with True ZK on April 23. By integrating NEAR Data Availability (DA) with True ZK’s RaaS platform, developers can utilize NEAR DA’s cost-effective and resilient data availability layer to deploy Custom Rollups across various Primary/Settlement layers.

NEAR Protocol’s price has gone up in response to this news. Valued at $6.89 on April 23, NEAR shot up to $7.14 on April 25, a 3.63% increase in the NEAR’s value. Because of the most recent partnerships in its ecosystem, some analysts have a bullish outlook for NEAR Protocol’s price. Therefore, they predict that NEAR will soar to $11.54 before May ends.

Matching the success gained by Solana and Near Protocol, DTX Exchange is now selling at $0.04. Poised to go up by 10,000%, now is the best time to buy the DTX token.

DTX Exchange’s (DTX) Presale Enters Stage 2 With Over $450K Raised

DTX Exchange (DTX) is a trading exchange that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies, forex, equities, and contract-for-differences (CFDs). The platform boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative trading features, offering users unparalleled opportunities. Notably, DTX will be the first large-scale exchange to provide users with 1000X leverage, all while eliminating the need for KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

With minimal trading costs, traders can maximize their investments thanks to the platform’s community-centric strategy. In addition to having access to prospective airdrops, community members are entitled to governance and voting rights. DTX’s recent presale success has got tremendous relevance due to its over $450,000 raise as it enters stage 2. This news has sent shivers down the spine of the bull market, casting a shadow over several new projects.

The disruptive force of DTX Exchange has successfully gathered over 3,000 holders within days, making it a compulsory tool for massive growth. The ongoing presale presents marks a prime time for investors to join DTX Exchange as the platform will announce a million-dollar giveaway shortly.

DTX is poised to capitalize on the market opportunity, especially given its presale price of $0.04. It will soon sell at the $0.06 level in the next stage. DTX is about to announce its blockchain expanding the platform’s horizons.

Key Takeaways

Sol price and Near Protocol have skyrocketed quickly, with their price recently touching new highs. Investors aiming to achieve similar gains are advised to invest in DTX Exchange as the platform has a huge growth potential.


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