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Monero Android Wallet Monerujo is now in Public Beta


Finding a convenient wallet for altcoins is not all that easy. Although the major currencies have fewer issues in this regard, Monero was not necessarily one of them. Especially in the mobile department, some work was direly needed. Thankfully, things are coming to change as we speak. Monerujo has been introduced as a functional Android wallet for XMR holders. It is still in beta, but shows a lot of promise.

Monero users are all too aware of how mobile wallets are effectively in development. Although no official release dates have been announced, it looks as if things are coming to the market slowly. More specifically, we now have a functioning Android wallet, which goes by the name of Monerujo. As the name suggests, it is designed for Monero only and offers all of the functionality one could ask for.

Monerujo Android Wallet in Public Beta

One thing to keep in mind is how Monerujo is still in the beta stage. While it is safe to sue, there may always be some unexpected issues along the way. Spending too much money is still ill advised at this point in time. Then again, it will be interesting to see how this wallet performs when put through the wringer. Developers like this type of feedback, that much is certain. Especially considering how this is the first “major” Android wallet for Monero available today.

Interested parties can download Monerujo from the Google Play Store as we speak. The wallet has a very tight and clean UI and offers all of the functionality one would expect. Future updates will be introduced over the coming months. There is no official ETA as to when the wallet is expected to come out of beta, though. Not that that is a big deal, as most people will be pleased with the wallet in its current form. Big things are on the horizon for the Monero ecosystem, that much is evident.

An iOS version of a Monero wallet is also in development, according to our information. It is doubtful this is developed by the Monerujo team, though. Right now, there is no idea as to when such a wallet will be released. With the Android option now in public beta, the iOS version should come to market soon enough. It will be interesting to see if these developments have any effect on the XMR price. Monero is undervalued at current prices, by the look of things.

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