The Bitcoin rally since the beginning of the year is something of a surprise. Anyone who watched the bloodbath of the ‘Crypto Winter’ of 2018 might have written the cryptocurrency off entirely.

But Bitcoin has rallied, rising from lows in the $3,000 range, and recently pushing and holding in the $8,000 range. For those who entered the market early in the year, the returns have already made 2019 a boom year.

But of course, for the vast majority of traders, the risk is always substantial. It’s tough to know how the price will respond to various market factors. When massively negative news hits, the market can often make massive moves.

Take, for example, the recent indictment of Bitfinex. The company has been accused by the office of the Attorney General of New York of commingling funds and violating a host of financial laws. While the price of Bitcoin dropped dramatically, it recovered quickly—a response that many thought was impossible.

Who to trust?

The events above bring to light the need for solid analysis and helpful strategies when trading Bitcoin. In the cryptocurrency world, there are a host of trading strategies and predictions that investors can follow, but it can be tough to determine which is best.


In all the chaos of fear and market confusion, the Monfex TradingView platform has provided a consistent series of trade analyses and market predictions that have proven right. While trust can be difficult for investors, the team at Monfex has proven trustworthy.

For example, the team recently accurately predicted the rise to $8,000. While many had seen crossing $8,000 as a massive barrier, traders who followed Monfex would have profited at the $8,500 point. Of course, the company always provides stop-loss numbers as well.

Advantage Monfex

Why does Monfex have such a strong advantage when it comes to market prediction in the Bitcoin world? The combination of a strong team of experts, and constant market awareness makes Monfex one of the best.

Built with investors and traders in mind, the company has been created and is managed by a widely influential group of market experts, cryptocurrency supporters, and financial experts, with expert Alex Sovpel at the head.

And, because of their awareness of the cryptocurrency market, the company also allows traders to access leverage that is not customary in the cryptocurrency market. Monfex wallet holders are able to trade at up to 50x leverage on their Bitcoin holdings. What’s more, the company charges no withdrawal fees for active users.

Taken together, the strong Monfex research team and the company’s innovative and exciting trading platform make Monfex one of the best in the up and coming industry. And their success in market prediction over the course of the year has proven this to be the case.

Eyes wide shut

The current market can feel dangerously volatile. As the price of Bitcoin moves and shifts daily, many traders find themselves unsure of how to proceed. The old Bitcoin advice of HODLing isn’t always best. But trading without proper knowledge can feel like walking with closed eyes.

Monfex’s predictive models and team of technical advisors can help traders have an accurate view of the market. With eyes opened through data and analysis, investments can be far less fearful, and way more fun. Accuracy and trust go hand in hand. Monfex has proven its accuracy, and deserves to be trusted.


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