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Montreal Bitcoin Expo Postponed, No Thanks to the Sponsors


The Canadian city of Montreal will have to wait a bit longer for the very first Bitcoin Expo the city would have seen. The Bitcoin Expo, to be held in the city has been postponed.

Bitcoin regulations are currently a grey area in many countries across the world. A lot of people are still confused about the legality of Bitcoin and other digital currencies in their country. On the other hand, some of the places have introduced draconian digital currency regulations which is hindering Bitcoin adoption and innovation. The State of New York in the United States is one such example, where BitLicense has got many Bitcoin companies relocating to favorable destinations both within and beyond the country.

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Canada is one among the few countries which have a favorable attitude towards digital currency. Recently the Canadian Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce in its report recommended the Canadian government and policy makers to go lightly on Bitcoin and digital currency regulations. According to the committee, digital currency is still in its nascent stages with a lot of potential. Digital Currency is capable of addressing various critical requirements of financial sector and also provide financial services to the world’s large number of unbanked and underbanked population.

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The city of Montreal in Canada has a very prolific Bitcoin ecosystem. The Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal has been doing a great job promoting Bitcoin in the region and as an organizer of the very first Bitcoin Expo. Unfortunately, the Montreal Bitcoin Expo which was scheduled to happen from 21st to 23rd August currently stands postponed due to lack of event sponsors.

The new dates for Montreal Bitcoin Expo has not been decided yet. However it is surprising that the organizers are having a hard time finding sponsors for Montreal Bitcoin Expo, especially with the fierce competition going on between Bitcoin exchanges serving the Canadian market.


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