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Morgan Beller Is the Real “Magician” Behind Libra


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Some of the “smallest” and most obscure people can be behind some of the world’s biggest projects. Such is the case with Libra, who’s original driving force comes in the shape of a young woman named Morgan Beller.

Who Is Morgan Beller?

While this woman has been ultimately “detained” by Facebook – it doesn’t want her talking to the press – word about her comes by way of Howard Wu, a Silicon Valley investor and self-described “cryptocurrency technologist.” Wu originally spent time working on Libra during its early stages, advising Facebook’s executives on the properties and technology behind crypto and telling them what they needed to do if they wanted to get Libra right the first time around.

Among the topics he discussed with Facebook included customer risk, financial opportunities and how the company could use blockchain to its benefit.

Surprisingly, the meeting described above didn’t involve Mark Zuckerberg or David Marcus, who heads the blockchain division at the company. Rather, the meeting took place between Wu and Beller, a 26-year-old employee of “short stature” who was relatively new to the Facebook corporation.

Wu recalls the meeting and the first question that Beller asked him:

If you had a platform of over two billion users, how would you go about trying to integrate blockchain technology into the platform?

He later added to this and explained:

It wasn’t VPs at a table discussing the forward direction of a project. It was very casual, but I thought it was an exciting prospect. This ended up metamorphosing into what Libra and Calibra became… Morgan was really the first one, at least to my understanding. She’s done a fantastic job of getting other people in the cryptocurrency communities to get on board with Libra. She has a very outsize value-add from that alone.

Beller currently works as “head of strategy” for both Calibra and Libra, per her LinkedIn page. The most impressive thing about her is that at 26, she has come quite far in her career already, seriously advancing through the ranks of a company like Facebook. She was the one who originally convinced the company that blockchain technology should be examined through a serious lens.

On May 8 of last year, the Libra Project officially kicked off with her in the lead, and while she may not have a largely established profile as of late, she’s earned quite a reputation for herself among crypto users and developers alike.

 What Has She Done That’s So Special?

Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, expressed serious admiration for Beller, explaining:

 She’s a big believer in financial inclusion and the ability for cryptocurrency tech to have a very positive impact in underserved communities around the world. I give her a lot of credit for taking what seems like a very methodical, long-term approach to figuring this out.

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