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Musician Troy Sivan Sees Twitter Account Overtaken by Crypto Hackers


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Musician and artist Troy Sivan recently became the victim of an online Twitter scam in which he was inherently associated with a new digital asset called $TROYE.

Troy Sivan Has Twitter Account Hacked

The artist’s Twitter profile was overtaken by hackers who not only touted his new album, but also discussed a new digital currency that had allegedly been created in his name. Known as $TROYE, the asset is apparently not real according to Sivan, who went online publicly to denounce the asset and say that he had nothing to do with its promotion.

He has since gone on to delete his Twitter account and says that any further promotions of the asset will not come from him or those associated with him. He stated:

I deleted my Twitter, so whoever has the account now is not me. They are scammers. We’re going to get it deleted hopefully, but Twitter is a hell scape… This is not the rise of crypto Troye.

Twitter has long been the focus of crypto hackers looking to either make off with assets or get unsuspecting victims to fall for scams. One of the biggest crypto-based Twitter hacks in history occurred over the summer of 2020 (roughly three years ago).

The accounts of many high-profile individuals – including Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Microsoft king Bill Gates, and former president Barack Obama – had their accounts overtaken by a scammer who promised that those who sent in bitcoin would see their funds doubled.

In truth, the person instigating the “giveaways” had no intention of ensuring people got additional funds, nor did he seek to stay true to his alleged promises, and those who gave their money to the included addresses did not see their money doubled. Rather, the funds disappeared, and the scammer made off with more than $100K in BTC before getting caught.

When he was finally brought to justice, people were shocked to see that the culprit was a young, 17-year-old kid. He was later sentenced (via plea bargain) to time in a juvenile detention center and was ordered to give all the money back to those he took it from.

Figures like Elon Musk have, many times, been unwillingly involved in crypto scams, and have had their likenesses utilized to either promote phony giveaways or fake coins. It’s an ongoing issue that even now, despite Musk having purchased Twitter not too long ago and serving as the company’s new chief, doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

This Happens Too Much

Discussing his new album before deleting his Twitter account, Sivan said:

I think what I feel comfortable saying is that it’s full of hope, which I didn’t know it was going to be when I first started making it.

Not long ago, crypto firm Gate.io had its Twitter account overtaken by hackers.

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