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Nafter Announces Global Launch of World’s First NFT Social Network


HANOI, Vietnam / September 2, 2021 / Nafter is all set to launch the world’s first and only NFT social network for the global audience that could give Instagram a run for their money. The team behind the NFT social media platform announced that a web app will be available worldwide for everyone to access starting September 3. The NFT social network is a one of the kind platform and also an industry-first that would allow artists and influencers to mint NFTs in the form of social media posts including photos and videos. The platform gave a sneak peek into its upcoming web and mobile app a month back with a phenomenal response from the community.

Nafter has on-boarded a large group of top influencers, creators, and artists to become official Nafter Ambassadors that would allow their combined followers of 50 million to buy their social media NFTs starting from September 3. Influencers can sell their content by minting NFTs and putting it up for “Buy Now” or through an auction. Thanks to Nafter, now, NFTs aren’t just for digital monkeys or pixelated digital art. Nafter is allowing influencers to enter the NFT space with an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform where they can mint, sell & collect “Content NFTs”.

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens seem to be revamping and touching on every industry as the hype around the ecosystem has grown to the peak. NFTs were first launched in 2018 and for nearly three years it was primarily used as a fan token for premier sports clubs and in-game memorabilia. However, 2021 has changed it all and everyone wants to onboard the NFT mania, be it popular brands like Coca-Cola, Gucci, TIME, Louis Vuitton, and many more.

The demand and hype have reached a point where early NFT collectibles that had been lying under the radar for nearly three years are seeing investments in millions. CryptoPunks, a collection of 10,000 unique avatars, and ETHRocks, a collection of 100 rock JPEGS, have seen investments worth tens of millions this year. As evident from the hype, an industry-first product like Nafter NFT social network is bound to make a mark and has already outrun the likes of Instagram or even Facebook to become the world’s first social network, where creators and influencers can sell their content as NFTs.

Why Instagram Should be Worried

The fact that Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook are such a massive success till today is primarily because they were an industry first which later went on to become industry giants. Similarly, Nafter is taking the influencer’s fan interaction to a new level. The social media craze is at its peak as well where many social media influencers have gone on to attain celebrity status and then even launched their own brands. This indicates that there is a huge market for influencer-based products and what better product than content that made them famous in the first place.

Influencer NFTs would be unique in the sense they could be a photo of a special event or unique memorabilia. People have bought chewed gum and used napkins, so it won’t be wrong to say they would definitely be interested in owning a unique piece of NFTs from their favorite influencers. The NFT rage is moving fast, starting with art then moved into sports followed by brand integration, and now to the next level of direct interaction and auction through NFTs.

It’s not like Instagram is not aware of the NFT craze, in fact, many insider reports suggest the photo-sharing app is preparing to launch an NFT marketplace as well allowing brands and influencers to sell their unique NFTS, Nafter is simply ahead of the game by launching a more refined and interactive product.

Nafter’s First NFT Social Network Could Trigger a New Era of Competition

The first NFT Social network would act as a digital marketplace for a new way of interaction that could potentially trigger a new era of competition among social platforms. While integrating a mere NFT marketplace is not a big deal given the trend, finding a new use case among the plethora of other similar projects is a big deal. There are NFT marketplaces for various product types, be it art or a piece of history, but nothing comes close to the interactive medium that Nafter has developed.

The native token of the project $NAFT would act as the fuel of the ecosystem and it was recently launched on Gate.io offering access to a new global audience. The native token can be staked to earn and there will be different divisions of interactions and participation to allow fair chance for every fan to get hands-on their favorite influencer’s NFTs.

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