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NasaDoge, a Crypto Ecosystem That Combines Finance, Nature and Sports


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Since the birth of blockchain technology, crypto has been affecting the real life in various ways. A project named NasaDoge is aiming to bring innovative applications to its ecosystem, making NasaDoge tokens purchased by investors turn into values that they can use in real life. It combines finance, nature and sports, turning digitality into reality.

Introducing NasaDoge

NasaDoge is a project that created with a professional team that combines the crypto money market and the real business world. By turning NasaDoge tokens purchased by investors into special plantations in the fertile land of the project, NasaDoge brings the value of crypto to the real life. The planting and maintenance of Paulownia trees, a special type of tree that adapts easily and grows fast, will be done by professional teams. This combination of nature and finance will provide investors both oxygen and income based on the amount of their NasaDoge tokens.

NasaDoge has also made great steps in the field of sports. As the jersey sponsor of Manisa Sanayispor, one of the amateur football clubs in Turkey, NasaDoge also sponsored the Turkish professional 2nd league team Menemenspor. It continues to draw more attention from different sectors with sponsorships and advertising activities, with more clubs and locations to come.

Making innovations with agreements in different sectors, NasaDoge shares the revenues with its holders. All holders of NasaDoge will earn more tokens on each transaction that is automatically sent to their wallet. The token will get more and more scarce overtime because of its deflationary nature. Every transaction will collect 10% tax which is intended to benefit everyone, half of it will be distributed to NasaDoge holders, the other half will go to the team wallet to pay for marketing and development. NasaDoge will be listed on LBank Exchange at 21:00 (UTC+8) on October 31, 2021, investors who are interested in NasaDoge investment can easily buy and sell NasaDoge token on LBank Exchange by then.

Various projects of NasaDoge

NasaDoge has started to implement various projects that can generate many different incomes for its investors, including passive income. The current projects of NasaDoge are as follows:

n-shopy – A shopping site with an option to buy products with cryptocurrencies.

n-fluencer – A place to participate in auctions and meet famous people. NasaDoge investors will have the chances to receive match tickets, abroad holidays, opportunities of meeting famous people, and winning many other prizes.

n-charity – A non-profit charity organization based on donations only. It will contribute to help animals, people and nature in needs, and NasaDoge will build this charity project together with its community.

With these projects, NasaDoge holders can get dividends from Paulownia trees, shopping (n-shopy.com), participating in auctions and meeting famous people (n-fluencer.com). In addition, it will be able to contribute to NasaDoge charity organization (n-charity.com).

Expanding the global reach

NasaDoge plans to grow in the global arena and bring real investors together by showing itself in different industries. The listing of NasaDoge on trading platforms like LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it expand its business and draw more attention in the global market. Further more, NasaDoge will be a multifunctional token which will benefit its holders from the upcoming projects. With marketing campaigns and global events planned, NasaDoge has a bright future ahead.

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