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National Lotteries in Africa? Yes, GG World Lotto Made It Possible!


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GG World Lottery is in the limelight since long and there is a good reason for it. GG World Lotto has recently expanded its reach into the African lottery market. The ICO has been created by Mark Hutchinson, member of a founding State of Lotto America and former Director of the Kansas Lottery, and is lining up industry-wide expertise coupled with a transparent and effective blockchain system built on Ethereum blockchain. And now, GG World Lottery has introduced the national lotteries mechanism in African region.

About GG World Lottery

Using Ethereum’s blockchain infrastructure not only allows GG World Lottery to leverage existing technology to create a transparent and global lottery system, but it also allows the creators to eliminate the lottery terminals and game machines, in favor of mobile phones. The new lottery system will allow anyone from anywhere to join the gaming experience while reducing the overall cost of operating a lottery program.

GG World Lottery is a project which sets out to introduce a brand new, entirely online, transparent, government-backed lotteries. Tapping into the unlimited potential of blockchain-based technologies, the project also aims to deliver unparalleled securities. The team is creating multiple African lotteries which are mobile friendly, regulated, and online-based.

Expansion to Africa

GG World Lottery will introduce numerous African lotteries – entirely online-based, mobile friendly, as well as regulated by the government. GG World Lottery’s move to enter the African lottery market is based on the huge potential offered by the region. It is part of the company’s initiative to establish presence in not just developed but even developing countries. By doing so, it promises a universal high-quality lottery system for everyone, irrespective of the region they are in and which lottery they play.

GG World Lottery has already signed various NDAs with official regulatory bodies in African countries. Lottery tickets from the company will be available on national lottery websites. According to the current status of the project, it owns 17 licenses in 12 countries that includes a potential market of 500 million people.

Africa is Booming

Africa holds a huge potential to grow its economy in the next coming years. Despite the global downturn, its GDP is expected to raise by $1 trillion within the next 8 years. Furthermore, Africa is expected to have the largest labor force in the whole world by 2040. In the 15 most developed countries in Africa, 90 percent of the consumers have access to mobile phones, and it’s currently the largest and the fastest growing mobile phone market of the world.

Lifetime Revenue & Unparalleled Transparency

Every single GG World Lottery token holder will be able to earn lifetime revenue shares in the form of quarterly paid dividends based on every GG World Lottery Jackpot prize win. The project will also bring unparalleled transparency because of the utilization of blockchain technology. It also allows for the system to be monitored, as well as certified, by Gaming Laboratories International – a world-class gaming certification business.

GG World Lotto is following strict  KYC whitelisting procedure. If you want to be a part of its on-going pre-sale, visit their official website. Stay tuned on their Twitter and Facebook page to receive regular updates or join the live discussion at their Telegram group!


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