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NCAA Player Kayvon Thibodeaux Releases $JDream Cryptocurrency


Kayvon Thibodeaux has become the latest NCAA student player to offer his likeness and image to a new cryptocurrency. The rising football star will see to the creation of what’s known as $JDream, a new digital asset that can be traded on a platform known as Rally.

Thibodeaux Heads into Crypto Territory

Thibodeaux is all set to make his way into the National Football League (NFL) next year, but before he does, he’s likely thinking he’ll give cryptocurrency a try. After all, many other sports stars – both college-based and professional – are doing it and adding a little money to their private stashes prior to becoming all stars.

$JDream launched last Thursday to positive reception, and Thibodeaux explained in a recent interview:

I feel like crypto is such a new space and having an athlete involved in it kind of changes the dynamic of how athletes are viewed. I started looking at crypto in high school and seeing the future in crypto and how far it can go, this was the next step in starting my future.

$JDream is presently selling for less than one dollar, but for Thibodeaux, it’s not about the cash. The currency has a special purpose: to assist and provide opportunities to youths that are disadvantaged in some way. Approximately 20 percent of the money stemming from token sales will go to the JDream Foundation, which was designed to ensure more children and younger generations get their fair shares.

The company has a goal to sell approximately 100,000 tokens during the initial launch, though executives are hoping to sell approximately 21 million coins within the first few months. Additional releases will be set depending on how much the demand level for the token grows. Anyone who purchases a unit of $JDream will have access to special merchandise.

Rally’s VP of partnerships Nick Millman explained in a recent discussion:

We’re thrilled to see young athletes exploring the ways in which crypto can facilitate deeper connections with fans. Innovators like Kayvon are reinventing how athletes and fans interact.

This is not the first time a college sports player is entering the crypto foray. Recently, Jaylen Clark – a college basketball player at UCLA – announced that he would be releasing his own digital currency under the name $JROCK. The currency was announced to the approximately 22,000 fans of Clark on YouTube along with his 60,000 Instagram followers.

Getting Things Started

In an interview, Clark discussed his excitement about the token’s release, as well as his enthusiasm for the growing crypto space. He said:

I’ve seen comments everywhere talking about how I’m the black Elon Musk. It’s just super cool to be the first to do anything. When this goes five, six, seven — even 30, 40 years from now, I can look back and be like, ‘Yeah, I remember when I kicked all this off.’

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