It is no secret the Bitcoin Cash team wants to pursue bigger blocks in the future. While an 8MB block size is sufficient for now, there is no reason to stagnate. It seems this proposal is getting some support from nChain. This company firmly believes Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin, although the opinions are divided on this front. Some interesting plans are scheduled to say the very least.

It is evident there are some big plans in motion for Bitcoin Cash. More and more companies define this altcoin as the true vision of Bitcoin. While that has yet to come true in terms of market cap, the project is very attractive. Moreover, the team has some long-term plans to make BCH even more appealing. With the support of nChain in the pocket, things will get pretty interesting very quickly. That is assuming everything on this roadmap comes true.

nChain Sides With Bitcoin Cash

One of the things standing out right away is the massive scaling. More specifically, nChain will commit Developer and Testing Groups to focus on BCH scaling. It is evident they want to create a fast, reliable, and low-fee ecosystem This is how Bitcoin is designed to look. Unfortunately, the main chain has proven unable to make that goal come true. Some upgrades are in development, but they take a very long time to roll out. Even then, there is no guarantee these solutions will even work.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect is how there will be a major protocol appeared in May of 2018. At that time, the goal is to increase the default block size limit. It seems the new size will be 16 MB. An upgrade to 32MB is also in the books, but for the next upgrade. nChain will help make this happen and they are pleased with this approach. It is an interesting decision, considering more of the Bitcoin Cash blocks aren’t even one-third full right now. There aren’t enough transactions to warrant such a big change.

Moreover, nChain will introduce extension points for new features. Upgrading the network often requires a soft or hard fork. Neither of which is ideal, for the time being. Extension points also allow for protocol upgrades which are implemented by nodes first and foremost. This is where nChain can truly shine in the coming months. Bitcoin Cash will need to evolve just like any other cryptocurrency, that much is evident. It will be interesting to see how all of this will play out.

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