The bitcoin wallet address is generally made up of a seemingly random, long sequence of alpha numeric characters. Forget remembering it, it’s hard to even type it manually. Netki, a DNS bitcoin wallet service makes the whole process simpler by allowing users to create their own URL for their bitcoin wallet.

Uphold has made it easier for its users to remember their wallet ids by integrating Netki into its platform. The new integration was announced by the company recently in one of its blog posts. With Netki wallet naming service, users will now be able to remember their wallet url easily, allowing them to share it with others when required. With Netki’s human readable format, the chances of people making typographic errors while manually copying the wallet id will also reduce.

Now Uphold users can create their Netki username on the platform and share it to receive bitcoin payments into the respective wallets.

Founded by Justin Newton, Netki uses the same principles that were used to make the internet more user-friendly. The use of Domain Name Service, allowed users to access websites by entering a simple web address instead of a series of numbers and dots contained in an IP address. It is the same with bitcoin addresses as well. The string of alpha numeric is replaced by a URL like address, accessible from the browser, just like any other website.

Netki service is becoming increasingly popular among bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms. In the recent months, two of the leading Indian bitcoin exchanges, Coinsecure and Unocoin have announced their partnership with Netki to offer customer wallets to their users.

We can expect more and more companies to adopt this service as it will offer another additional layer of simplicity to its users.

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