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New Chain Bytes Establishes Bitcoin ATM in Mexican Senate


Bitcoin ATM provider Chain Bytes has set up a new machine in the Mexican Senate building. The company is working with bitcoin ATM manufacturer Axolotl Bitcoin to establish the machine’s presence and lead the efforts of Mexican Senator Indira Kempis as a means of establishing bitcoin as official legal tender within the country’s borders.

Chain Bytes Establishes Bitcoin ATM for Mexican Lawmakers

Eric Grill – the CEO of Chain Bytes – explained in a recent interview:

We are thrilled to be a part of such a historical moment for Mexico. We hope that by placing our Chain Bytes ATM in the senate building, we will help lawmakers get familiar with the technology and hopefully aid their decision to accept bitcoin as legal tender in Mexico. We are excited and honored to be here, and we are doing our best to help these lawmakers understand the advantages of bitcoin.

Jose Rodriguez – director of Blockchain Land and the CEO of Axolotl Bitcoin – also threw his two cents into the mix, commenting:

We are excited with the current openness in the Mexican Senate and with Senator Indira Kempis’ effort to bring this bitcoin ATM and help towards bitcoin regulation that could detonate the bitcoin and fintech industry in Mexico as it has happened in other countries. I have been meeting with regulators and central banks for the last ten years. Finally, we are seeing interest, will, curiosity, and participation with regulators and lawmakers in Mexico.

It’s quite interesting to see so many countries in Latin America and abroad seek to ensure that bitcoin has a place in their societies. The first country to take this initiative was El Salvador, which declared bitcoin legal tender in September of last year. That means that virtually anyone can walk into any store or company and pay for services or items with digital currency, and the store managers must accept the asset along with USD, which the nation had long been dependent on.

In addition, the Central African Republic – roughly 5,000 miles away – became the next big nation to say that bitcoin was legal money within its borders. Now, it looks like Mexico is working to do the same, and Chain Bytes will potentially have a massive hand in this endeavor.

Mexico Is Heading Deeper into the Crypto Space

With the new Chain Bytes machine in the center of the Senate building, many lawmakers of Mexico will now have their first opportunity to experience bitcoin and crypto trading for themselves. Senator Kempis is the big bitcoin advocate in the legislature at the time of writing. Kempis is hoping the machine’s presence will convince other lawmakers to do what they can to learn more about crypto and work to make the space even larger in Mexico.

Chain Bytes is based in the United States and owned by several veterans of the nation’s armed services.


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