CLIMATECOIN CO2 token is a new cryptocurrency that we created for Climate change action. With our “CO2” Token, users will perceive a percentage of the profits of our Organization for its participation in companies that fight Climate Change and also for the carbon credits being sold for these companies.

We are a Foundation based in Zug, Switzerland and we have recently become Corporate Members of the CryptoValley Association.

CLIMATECOIN CO2 Token aims to provide any citizen in the world with a unique mechanism to participate in the fight against Climate Change, as actually only Governments and big Private/Public Organizations are capable to do something about it.

We want to become a global symbol for saving our world from this threat so any person will be able to buy our coin and know that they are contributing to its solution.

We will create our own wallet with a QR code to read so the people will be able to hold this physical tokens. Also we will be creating an app in order to be able for the users to see how much CO2 and other contaminants we are mitigating as we will use also IOT technology and also the results of the companies.

The team leaders are expert Investment Bankers so we will provide investment and advice to these companies in order to make them profitable.

We are also arranging an official agreement with United Nations to have them as a partners/advisors in order to select the companies to acquire and guarantee the carbon credits. We have backside advice but we are making it official pretty soon.

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You can also check our white paper here:

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