LATOKEN – one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges – has announced that its customers can now engage in trading, buying and selling AVEX Tokens, a cryptocurrency that has been established by AEVOLVE. The currency is designed to give people access to some of the latest medical innovations being developed.

AEVOLVE Is Bringing Top-Notch Medical Products to Customers Everywhere

AEVOLVE is a platform consisting of medical professionals, research firms and patients. Together, these individuals and organizations work via the platform to ensure that those looking to access the latest biotech and pharmaceutical technologies can do so with minimal interference, while the Avex Token is the form of currency the company uses.

The latest products come in the form of blockchain assets that can be transferred and sold just like cryptocurrencies. Families and patients can work to reserve specific products for themselves the moment they become available. In addition to business as usual, AEVOLVE has joined hands with an enterprise known as ENTROBOX LLC to potentially bring several leading figures in the entertainment industry aboard the bandwagon and help raise awareness regarding these new and allegedly invigorating digital technology products.

The CEO and co-founder of ENTROBOX – Ronald Johnson – is currently the GBO heavyweight champion, and he’s taking extra measures to ensure that the cryptocurrency available via the AEVOLVE platform does more for people and can be utilized for multiple purposes. For example, the asset can also be used to buy Pay-Per-View events on television and gain access to other entertainment products.

One of these showings will occur in early 2021 and feature Logan Paul in a major boxing promotion. Paul has over 50 million followers on social media and is considered one of the largest influencers in the world of sports, boxing and physical education. Aside from using AVEX Token, people can also utilize bitcoin and Ethereum to gain access to these events.

In a recent interview, Johnson explained:

Our partnership with AEVOLVE brings a new era into mega entertainment events where everyone can be a part of impacting lives with cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, while having an experience of a lifetime. By letting the world access our events with crypto, this will open parts of the world who do not use credit cards to watch and enjoy their favorite boxers, stars and influencers in real time.

A Currency with Many Tasks

AEVOLVE founder Rogelio Santos was also quick to offer his two cents on the situation, commenting:

Our mission is to deliver the world’s most powerful and impactful medical treatments and solutions over the next decade. We will do this by removing the financial obstacles that have hindered important medical technologies from getting to the people that truly need them and by empowering the scientists and medical innovators behind these solutions with an unprecedented voice to rival the marketing machine of the pharma giants.

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