The producers of the popular reality TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” have revealed plans for a new program that crypto fans are likely to enjoy. The premise of the show involves several digital currency investors that have lost access to their hardware wallets.

Crypto Fans Are Getting Their Own Show

Lost login information is one of the main reasons why so many bitcoin units have vanished over time. Many individuals have stored millions of dollars of BTC in their wallets but have seemingly forgotten their passwords or login data. Typically, these wallets will encrypt whatever data they hold should the person fail their login attempts more than a specific number of times. Once this occurs, they lose access to the money permanently.

One of the more recent cases of this scenario involved a German software developer named Stefan Thomas, who now resides in San Francisco, CA. In a recent interview, Thomas revealed that he was the owner of an Iron Key wallet that contained as much as $220 million in BTC. The problem was that he could not remember his password, and thus was unable to access the money.

He had already attempted to log into the wallet about eight times. Two more incorrect tries would cause his wallet to lock up permanently, and his access to the money would be barred forever. Clearly bothered by the situation, he explained:

I would just lay in bed and think about it. Then I would go to the computer again with some new strategy and it would not work, and I would be desperate again.

This new television program was designed with people like Thomas in mind, apparently. The contestants on the show are all people allegedly locked out of their cryptocurrency wallets, and the point of the program is to gain that access back.

A casting director for the show put out the following notice on LinkedIn:

We are on a nationwide search for people who are currently locked out of their crypto wallets and on the verge of losing their money. If you have tried everything to remember your password but are running out of password attempts… and you would love the help of trained experts to give you guidance and help… we would love to hear your story.

It’s All About Regaining Access

The casting call goes on to say that anyone interested in participating should contact the producers right away. In addition, they should also mention how many attempts they have left to log into their wallets and if they are willing to let the show’s panel of alleged experts utilize their remaining attempts.

While no additional details are given, the notice asks potential participants if they are looking to potentially recover their cryptocurrency funds “by any legal means necessary.”

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