Without a doubt, the first week of the PlusCoin ICO, which began on September 10th, has been a huge success. More than half a million dollars have been raised so far, and the DS Plus team’s original expectations have been surpassed.

The international press has taken note – articles about the PlusCoin project have appeared in all the most popular cryptocurrency publications – and the cryptocurrency community seems to agree: PlusCoin is the “People’s Cryptocurrency.”

Momentum is growing as the second week of the ICO approaches. In light of the successful first week, and considering certain recent developments in the cryptocurrency world, DS Plus has made three important announcements:

  1. PlusCoin Giveaway Event: Over the course of the next 123 days, you can win big by downloading the DS Plus mobile application and entering the raffle of your choice.

Prizes include PlusCoin bonuses and latest generation Apple, Sony, and Microsoft products.`

  1. For a Limited Time You Can Get More PlusCoin for Less: People choosing to invest in the ICO using BitCoin will, for a limited time (until 9/18/17 at 11:59pm), be able to purchase PlusCoin at a very favorable rate, despite the recent changes in the BitCoin exchange rate.
  2. The PlusCoin Team Globalizes: A new advisory role in the PlusCoin project is being taken by Simone Giacomelli, a blockchain technology specialist affiliated with the institute of Data Driven Design in Boston, Massachusetts. Support for the project is worldwide.

The PlusCoin Giveaway Event

DS Plus has announced a two-part giveaway:

The PlusCoin Raffle: Over the next 31 Days, you will have the chance to win the following prizes:

25,000 PlusCoin
50,000 PlusCoin
100,000 PlusCoin

The DS Plus Raffle: Over the next 123 days, by using the DS Plus App, you will have the chance to win one of the following prizes:

Apple iPhone 8 Plus
Apple Watch Series 3
Apple iPhone 8
iPhone X
Apple MacBook
PlayStation 4
Xbox ONE
Apple TV 4k

All DS Plus users have a chance to win in one or both of these raffles! To participate, purchase raffle tickets for those items that you wish to win. Tickets are easily purchasable on the DS Plus mobile application. There are a limited number of tickets for each item, so get in while you still can!

Remember: You can obtain PlusCoin and participate in the raffle for free. To do this, download the DS Plus App and try it out! There are a number of ways to earn free PlusCoin:

  • Visit DS Plus partner enterprises and get bonus PlusCoin just for checking in.
  • Invite friends to use the app and earn a referral bonus.
  • Leave comments on enterprise pages and be rewarded for your feedback.
  • Check in at local attractions for a PlusCoin bonus.
  • Get 50PLC for each day you are active on the app.

The PlusCoin Sale

PlusCoin is a cryptocurrency for everyday people and, in light of the recent decrease in the value of BitCoin relative to the United States dollar, the DS Plus team has decided it is consistent with their mission to support everyone who wishes to obtain PlusCoin tokens in the ICO.

As such, for only a couple days (until 9/18/17 at 11:59 pm), those wishing to purchase PlusCoin using BitCoin, may do so using the old  BTC/USD exchange rate (1 BTC = 4500 USD).

Currently, one token cost 10 USD. Do the math! It’s a great sale.

There is nothing you need to do differently to participate in this sale. Just purchase your tokens with BTC at https://pluscoin.io

New PlusCoin Project Advisor – Simone Giacomelli

In the past few days, it has been officially announced that tech expert and blockchain evangelist Simone Giacomelli has put his support behind the PlusCoin project and is taking on the role of project advisor.

Giacomelli has three years of experience leading teams working at the cutting edge of blockchain technology. He is currently working actively in coordination with the Institute of Data-Driven Design in Boston, Massachusetts to further develop this technology.

 The team at DS Plus has always taken a global perspective in regards to the PlusCoin project. Thousands of DS Plus partner enterprise locations have already been established worldwide, and more are being set up every day. Now, with advisors like Giacomelli, and Australia-based Sergei Sergienko this perspective is getting all the wider.

It is clear that more and more people are coming to understand the goals and values of the project and are ready to support it. The grassroots movement behind the “People’s Cryptocurrency” is just getting started.

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