The world is saying hello to its newest cryptocurrency trading exchange. Known as Bitterz LLC, the exchange is based out of Japan while its parent company is stationed in a small nation in the Caribbean known as St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The firm is celebrating its addition to the crypto space by giving away free bitcoin for customers to enjoy and to get into the trading spirit.

Bitterz Is Here and Ready to Trade

Starting a crypto exchange is not an easy feat. There is tons of regulation that one needs to meander through and gaining the right permissions to offer multiple coins can be an extremely hazardous feat. That’s why Bitterz stands out as one of the more intriguing companies as of late.

For one thing, it is based out of Japan, which doesn’t have the strongest reputation when it comes to crypto provisions. In the past, two of the largest – if not the largest – crypto hacks have stemmed from Japan. The first was an attack on Mt. Gox in February of 2014, and more than $400 million BTC units were stolen and disappeared overnight.

The second happened about four years later in January of 2018 and involved an enterprise known as Coincheck. This attack was even larger and saw more than half-a-billion in crypto units vanish. Clearly, Bitterz is eager to shed this kind of negative crypto image and give everyone the chance to put their trust back in how Japan does cryptocurrency. All users who open a new account will get roughly $50 worth of bitcoin for free so they can start trading.

At the time of writing, the exchange is not a global one and is only offering its services to customers in certain Asian regions such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In addition, the company is eliminating all fees associated with opening a new account (for a limited time).

One of the biggest features of the crypto trading platform is heightened safety. This is no doubt inspired by Japan’s past trading history. It is a fully Japanese exchange that provides a “zero-cut system” according to a press released and reliable customer support for anyone who has questions.

Bringing Safety to New Levels

In addition, all the executives boast extensive backgrounds in finance and have served as engineers with a “large, privately held company,” though at press time, this company has not yet been named.

Another feature is the MT5 tool, which is tailored specifically towards crypto and is designed to provide users with exact trade times for assorted currencies. Lastly, Bitterz provides its customers with full 24-hour surveillance to ensure all accounts are safe and well protected. It offers cold storage to ensure currencies are safely stored offline, and two-factor authentication is required for all logins to prevent any parties from accessing currencies or accounts that aren’t theirs.

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